Westbrook: Loss to Cowboys was a sign

Brian Westbrook said he knew after the Eagles' playoff loss that he might be released. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

As Brian Westbrook walked off the field at Cowboys Stadium following the Eagles' playoff loss, he had a pretty good idea that his career in Philadelphia might be over.

Westbrook went without a carry and had just one catch in the Birds' 34-14 loss. It was then that he knew being released by the team that drafted him back in 2002 was a real possibility.

"Of course that last game of the season, the writing was on the wall, that I wasn't in their plans for any time to go forward so I accepted it as that," Westbrook told Mike Gill of The Sports Bash on 97.3 ESPN South Jersey.

"I felt that was a very important game to us. Once they did not let me, allow me, really to have any impact on the game, it kind of set the stage for the release."

Westbrook first spoke publicly about his release on 97.5 The Fanatic Wednesday morning Birds' Eye View and Eagletarian both provided recaps of that interview, which you can listen to in its entirety.

As of this morning, he had not spoken with Jeffrey Lurie or Joe Banner, but Westbrook said in the interview with Gill that he had since talked to Lurie.

The one item Westbrook mentioned in every interview I've heard today is that the Eagles never offered him a chance to restructure his contract or come back at a lesser price next season. But he was honest enough to admit that saying he'd come back at a lesser salary and then actually doing so were two different things.

Westbrook praised the Eagles' young talent, but said that they'll need time to develop.

"I look at this team and say they have a lot of young talent. In this game, talent does not get you everywhere. It definitely helps out," he said. "And so they definitely have an opportunity to win some football games. I can't doubt that at all. But it's gonna take some time. I don't expect for them to go out and win a Super Bowl next year, but I think they have a lot of young talent that can get the job done. They will continue to mature. They will continue to get better. And they will be contenders. I don't doubt that at all."

He went back and forth a little bit there, saying he didn't expect the Eagles to win a Super Bowl next season, but then adding that they'll be contenders. Overall, his comments about the offense, LeSean McCoy and the young talent were extremely positive though.

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