Weekly Eagles links

Every Wednesday, I will be delivering various football links that mention the Eagles from around the Internet. While philly.com's Eagles section has your best local coverage, along with blogs Eagletarian and Birds' Eye View, these will be links you may have missed.

John Czarnecki of FoxSports.com calls the Eagles one of the league's most conservative teams:

The only season the Eagles went to the Super Bowl under coach Andy Reid they employed a legitimate No. 1 receiver in Terrell Owens. They still don't have a true No. 1 receiver and even though they pass a lot more than they throw, think of those 90 receptions by Brian Westbrook as mere handoffs. The Eagles are the king of the high-percentage completion and, bottom line, they might win without Donovan McNabb, but they can't win without Westbrook, probably the most valuable player in the NFC East. Reid's offense revolves around his running back, who may not be a pounder, but he's elusive after the catch and on quick openers.

Matt Mosley stopped by Lehigh and wrote a piece previewing the Eagles season. Mosley says McNabb is at peace, but he also has a sense of urgency. Here's an excerpt:

If you've followed McNabb's career outside this column, you know he's following a time-honored blueprint. When in doubt, go with bravado. Fans panicked after the Eagles lost three of their first five games in 2003, but McNabb said the road to the NFC East crown still would go through Philly. The club then won its next nine games on the way to another appearance in the NFC title game. No fan base obsesses more about its quarterback's health than the Eagles' -- and with good reason. McNabb has had two major knee surgeries, the most recent one in 2006. It was evident from the start of last season that he hadn't made a full recovery.

SI.com's Peter King offers his thoughts on Westbrook's new deal:

Too often, the guys who deserve the money are left to grovel and scratch for it, and more often than not, they don't get it anyway. That's why I didn't want the Brian Westbrook story to get too cold before throwing in my thoughts. When the Eagles rewarded Westbrook over the weekend with a new contract -- added three years onto his current contract that had three years remaining, with $13 million in new guarantees, and a salary bump to $21 million over the next three years -- they did the right thing for the most valuable running back in football east of San Diego.

Eagletarian wrote Monday about Mosley's ESPN.com blog post on McNabb. Mosley says he's surprised how often Terrell Owens' name still comes up around the Eagles:

What amazes me is that T.O. has been gone since midway through the 2005 season and his former teammates still bring him up on a regular basis. Tight end L.J. Smith called him a "different kind of guy," but he said he never thought he was a poor teammate.

Don Banks of SI.com writes about fights at practice and uses Eagles training camp as an example:

If they were to ever make a movie of the Philadelphia Eagles 2008 training camp, there would be only one logical working title: Fight Club II. More so even than most summers, the Eagles have been a feisty, disagreeable bunch on the practice fields at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa. Philadelphia head coach Andy Reid is a staunch believer in full-contact workout sessions, and once the long, hot and monotonous camp days start to pile up, tempers inevitably flare.

And one more blog post from Mosley -- this one on Andy Reid. Reid talked to Mosley about McNabb's relationship with the fans:

"You have to be wired right, and he's been wonderful through it all. One percent of fans are the ones who stir things up. I would say 99 percent of them love and respect Donovan. I think it's a tribute to him as a person that he can remain positive and upbeat throughout all the highs and lows."

If you've got a link I missed, please pass it along.