Week 8 NFL picks

Last week: 7-6
Overall: 56-42-3

Raiders at Ravens: I'm guessing Tom Cable won't be freezing Matt Stover if this one comes down to a last-second field goal. No word on whether the Ravens have a bounty on Sebastian Janikowski.

The pick: Raiders (+7)

Chargers at Saints: What do Julius Jones, Matt Forte and Earnest Graham have in common? They all have more rushing yards this season than LaDainian Tomlinson. And that, my friends, is why I hate fantasy football.

The pick: Chargers (-3)

Chiefs at Jets: Why do people insist on continuing to lie to Peter King? Last year, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti told King Brian Billick's job was safe. On New Year's Eve, he was fired. Earlier this season, Jerry Jones told King the Cowboys were not interested in Roy Williams. A week later? Williams was in Dallas. And this week, Brett Favre denied that he talked to Matt Millen about his little secrets via text. Days later? Favre holds a press conference admitting he talked to Millen. I think King needs a new section in his MMQB column: Player I'll never trust again. You're telling me you wouldn't want to read this instead of the coffee tidbit?

The pick: Chiefs (+14)

Bills at Dolphins: Number of times the Dolphins have been talked about on pre-game shows without mention of the Wildcat offense: 0.

The pick: Bills (-1.5)

Bucs at Cowboys: It's tough to imagine things getting worse for th Cowboys, but if I were to try really hard, here's what I'd see in my crystal ball: Marion Barber violating the league's substance abuse policy and Terrell Owens and Roy Williams beating up Brad Johnson at halftime after he completes just two passes in the first half.

The pick: Cowboys (-1.5)

Falcons at Eagles: It seems like the Birds haven't played in a month. I'll be here for a live chat during the game Sunday, but I'm not promising I'll be making any sense. I'll be coming off a shift that ends 4:30 a.m. Sunday morning, so if I start typing jibberish, please let me know.

The pick: Falcons (+9)

Rams at Patriots: Time for MC's pick of the week. His record: 3-4. MC goes with the Patriots here. "The Rams' streak of upsets will end this week."

The pick: Patriots (-7.5)

Cardinals at Panthers:
Watching coaches perform damage control is always entertaining, if nothing else. For example, Edgerrin James complained this week about not getting enough touches (yes, the Cardinals are 4-2, have won two straight and currently sit atop the NFC West, but what does that matter?). Said coach Ken Whisenhunt: "I'm glad that (James) wants more carries. I think that's a good sign for all competitive players; they want the ball." Riiiiight. And I'm glad to be working during Game 2 of the World Series. Whoops -- did I just write that?

The pick: Panthers (-4)

Redskins at Lions: DC native and co-worker Jonathan Tannenwald (he says he hates the Giants and Cowboys as much as you do so be nice to him) makes a guest pick here and says go with Detroit. The line is too big for the home team.

The pick: Lions (+7.5)

Browns at Jaguars: How come none of you have commented yet on MTC that the Eagles need to make a play for Kellen Winslow Jr.? Things got ugly this week when Winslow ripped Phil Savage for not calling him in the hospital. The Browns in turn suspended Winslow, and now Winslow has filed a grievance which will be heard Tuesday. Sounds like a healthy franchise to me.

The pick: Jaguars (-7)

Giants at Steelers: I've never heard a game billed a Super Bowl preview with less enthusiasm. I don't think anyone knows who is good or awful and we're entering Week 8. I guess you'd have to say the Titans and Steelers are the favorites in the AFC, but would you be surprised if we were talking about two completely different teams a month from now? I say no.

The pick: Steelers (-3)

Seahawks at 49ers: So much for Mike Holmgren's farewell tour. The Seahawks are in last place in the NFC West at 1-5, and the rumors of Holmgren heading to San Fran to take over the Niners have already begun.

The pick: 49ers (-5)

Bengals at Texans

Time for C-Nast's weekly Office episode recap. I haven't watched yet so basically had to paste this in without reading it over. If he used abusive language, I apologize. If you haven't watched either, close your browser immediately.

What happened:
Relationship drama ruled. Michael and Holly took their romance public, but they were soon discovered by Dunder Mifflin CFO David Wallace. On Phyllis’ advice, Dwight issued Angela an ultimatum to choose him or Andy, but she appeared to side with her fiancé. Jim, worried Pam was straying in NYC, made a surprise trek to the Big Apple, but he thought twice and oddly turned his car back toward Scranton.

Grade: B – If you grew too frustrated to watch the Phils strand runners inning after inning last night, this episode was a nice break. There was even a Huey Lewis and the News shout-out, and, if you paid close attention, a “McNabb” reference.

Quote of the Week, from Dwight: “She introduced me to so many things. Pasteurized milk, sheets, monotheism, presents on your birthday, preventative medicine.”

The pick: Texans (-9)

Note: Monday night game will be picked Monday. Lines used are from sportsbook.com.