Week 7: Cowboys lose and other observations

I don't have 10 Eagles observations this week since the Birds were on a bye, but here are 10 thoughts from a Week 7 spent on the couch...

1. Let's start with the Cowboys, shall we? Dallas suffered a 34-14 beatdown to the Rams. Dallas Morning News columnist Tim Cowlishaw says Jerry Jones would be wise to get rid of Wade Phillips, calling the Cowboys "a team of uninspired excuse makers who take their cue from the head coach."

The "other" Palmer got in to Sunday's game at QB for the Bengals. (Getty Images / File photo)

Jones says Phillips' job is not in danger. Keep in mind he also said the Cowboys weren't interested in Roy Williams a couple weeks ago, and we know how that turned out. Dallas has now lost three of four, with its only victory in that span coming against the winless Bengals. By the way, Terrell Owens, who sounded less than enthused about the addition of Williams last week, had two catches for 31 yards. Oh, and Jones says the other Roy Williams (the safety) is out for the year. Combine the weekend's news with last week's developments -- Pacman Jones being suspended; Tony Romo being injured -- and it's safe to say the franchise has seen better times.

2. With 14:55 left in the second quarter of the Giants-49ers game, Brandon Jacobs scampered into the end zone for a 2-yard touchdown. Unfortunately, those of us viewing on TV did not see the play develop. Fox returned from commercial with Dick Stockton in mid-sentence. This is my sports fan pet peeve right now -- networks missing live action because they're still at commercial. It's happened routinely in the baseball playoffs. Instead of watching Jacobs, we were all serenaded to "Saved by zeroooo" as if we haven't heard that little jingle a million times over the last month. Ridiculous.

3. Raise your hand if you're a fantasy owner who used the "Brad Johnson's got T.O. and Jason Witten to throw to, and the Rams defense is brutal" logic this weekend? Not a good idea.

4. The Giants-Niners game had some similarities to the Eagles' ugly win in San Fran last weekend. The Niners even blocked a field goal and returned it for a touchdown for the second game in a row. And unfortunately for Eagles fans, J.T. O'Sullivan didn't have much luck in the fourth quarter again as the San Francisco offense had three drives that resulted in a punt, safety and loss of downs.

5. What a brutal slate of games televised here. You had Giants-Niners and Steelers-Bengals at 1, Jets-Raiders at 4, and Seahawks-Bucs in primetime. I actually went outside today, which is rare for me on a Sunday in October.

6. Speaking of the Steelers-Bengals game, if you saw "Palmer" come in at QB for Cincinnati at the end of the fourth quarter and were confused, I can explain. That was third-stringer Jordan Palmer, Carson's brother. The two look exactly the same.

7. I remember listening to Jeff Fisher get interviewed last year about the popular trend of coaches calling timeout right before a game-winning or game-tying field goal was attempted. It was a new form of icing the kicker if you remember. Fisher was asked if the league should make any rules to prevent this move, and his answer was brilliant. He responded that once a coach got burnt (meaning the coach calls the last-second timeout, the kicker misses the field goal, but the attempt doesn't count), the trend would be over. Well, hopefully he's right because that exact scenario unfolded in the Raiders-Jets game. Oakland coach Tom Cable called the last-second timeout in regulation, negating Jay Feely's 52-yard miss. Feely then hit the field goal and forced overtime. Of course, the Raiders won, but hopefully we can do away with the silliness of the last-second icing of the kicker. Not really a fan of that move.

8. This week's line from an overplayed commercial that makes us all want to slam our heads against a wall: "Don't even think about the merger Ned."

9. After the Bears' 48-41 win over the Vikings, defensive tackle Tommie Harris was asked for one word to describe the win. "Not again," he said. I hate when reporters ask the "Give us one word" question, but still found Harris' response pretty funny.

10. After Trent Edwards did a post-game interview following the Bills' 23-14 win over the Chargers, he took a little victory lap around Ralph Wilson Stadium, shaking hands with fans. Why don't more athletes do this? There are so many simple, non-time consuming things players could do to make fans and the cities they play for embrace them more.