Week 7 NFL picks

Last week: 8-6
Overall: 46-42

Giants at Cardinals

Not to look past the 'Skins, but what a day we have on tap next week. At 1 p.m., it'll be Eagles-Giants from the Linc, by far the Birds' biggest game of the season. And then at night, Game 4 of the World Series (Phillies-Yankees?) from Citizens Bank Park. Wow. A chance to be one of the most glorious days in this city's sports history, or one of the most disastrous. As for this one, I think the G-Men bounce back. It'll be close, but they'll cover in the fourth quarter.

The pick: Giants (-7)

Jets at Raiders

Usually, I really enjoy re-watching the Eagles game for Man Up. Last week? Not so much. Brutal game. But the most entertaining part had to be watching Tom Cable on the sidelines. He is kind of half pro wrestler and half NFL coach. When he disagreed with a call, and the camera focused on him, I couldn't look away. You just didn't know what he was going to do next. Has anyone made the argument that last week was the best week for the Oakland franchise since its Super Bowl year? A win over the Birds, and Cable was exonerated for allegedly punching an assistant coach. Things are looking up, Raiders fans.

The pick: Jets (-6)

Saints at Dolphins

Time for MC's Pick of the Week. He's on a nice little run and at 4-2 on the season after another win in Week 6. The take here:

No one has come within two touchdowns of the Saints all year, and I don’t see Chad Henne and the Dolphins breaking that trend.

The pick: Saints (-6.5)

Packers at Browns

As if things weren't going bad enough for the Browns, two players were diagnosed with the Swine Flu this week. Unbelievable. I know there are three winless teams still remaining, but don't sleep on the Browns as one of the prime candidates for the 2010 No. 1 pick. They've scored six points or fewer in half their games this season. Let that sink in.

The pick: Packers (-9)

Falcons at Cowboys

I'll be honest. This has nothing to do with the Dallas-Atlanta game, but I had to share an e-mail from my buddy C-Nast about the Phillies' celebration after beating the Dodgers:

I was cracking up watching Pedro celebrate in the clubhouse. It's like he's crashing someone's party, but then everyone is like, "Whoa who invited Pedro Martinez!"

So true. I was dying as well. Pedro running around with two bottles of champagne at every corner, always with a suspicious look on his face. By far the most entertaining part of the celebration. A couple other notes on the locker room antics:

** Is it just me, or is Brett Myers the first one to the beer after every clincher?
** Is there anything more awkward than players pouring champagne on reporters/TV personalities? I say no. Gets me every time.

Guess we should pick the game now, huh?

The pick: Falcons (+4.5)

Patriots at Bucs

This one will kick off from London. What's the NFL's next step for plans across the pond? A franchise in London? More regular-season games played there? The Super Bowl? We'll have to see where this one goes. If the Eagles were to play a game there, would you plan a trip around it? I'll admit -- it'd be interesting to see the Birds' faithful interact with the London locals. I think I would have to convince the Philly.com higher-ups to send me over there if that went down.

The pick: Bucs (+15)

And the rest of the picks:

CHARGERS (-5.5) at Chiefs
COLTS (-14) at Rams
VIKINGS (+6) at Steelers
49ERS (+3) at Texans
BILLS (+7) at Panthers
BEARS (pick 'em) at Bengals

Note: We'll pick Eagles-Redskins on Monday.