Week 12 NFL picks

Last week: 8-7
Overall: 84-67-4

Bengals at Steelers

If Pittsburgh is leading 27-21 with 1:30 remaining, and Willie Parker breaks one only to have the refs make a phantom holding call, I will officially become suspicious. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, click here. Meanwhile, everyone's talking about how much the tie hurt the Eagles' chances of making the playoffs, but what about Cincy? That tie could kill them once the draft rolls around. At 1-8-1, the Bengals vaulted ahead of the Chiefs and now have just the third-worst record in the NFL.

The pick: Steelers (-11)

Texans at Browns

You know how every time a national program does a feature on Donovan McNabb, they flash back to the draft and the booing? The same thing happens with Brady Quinn. Every time his name is mentioned on a pre-game show, they flash back to the clip of the 2007 draft when Quinn is waiting not-so-patiently with the blonde female who looks like she's not sure where she is while 21 teams passed on him. Keep an eye out for this. As for the game, the Texans are winless on the road this year.

The pick: Browns (-3)

Bills at Chiefs

Not sure if it's a new feature or if I'm just stumbling across it for the first time, but The Kansas City Star runs a piece called "Herm's Terms" with quotes from Herm Edwards. Here's a sampling of what he had to say about the Bills:

“And the scary part now — the real scary part — is kicking the ball to these guys. I mean it’s scary. It’s really scary. You almost rather just kick it out of bounds and have it on the 40 and get it over with, rather than try to kick it deep.”

Two things I love about this. One, the amount of times he says 'scary' to answer one question. And two, the prospect of the Chiefs kicking the ball out of bounds on kickoffs. I'll be looking for this come Sunday.

The pick: Chiefs (+3)

Jets at Titans

Dear Titans,

On behalf of every non-Jets fan in the country, I'm begging you to not lose this week. We cannot take every magazine, radio program and TV show focusing on Brett Favre next week. We know everything there is to know from Deanna to Dylan to Kiln, Miss. There is nothing more left to say.

A concerned fan


The pick: Jets (+5)

Patriots at Dolphins

Time for MC's pick of the week. MC's record: 4-7...

Bill Belichick and New England will avenge the blowout they suffered at the hands of the Dolphins earlier this year.

The pick: Patriots (+1)

49ers at Cowboys

It was both refreshing and disgusting to watch the Cowboys pound the Redskins during the fourth quarter of last week's game. Dallas' offense took over with a 14-10 lead and 6:40 left in the game. The next 11 plays all involved Marion Barber, and the game was over. There are certain teams, and I won't mention them by name, that probably would have given Washington's offense three more chances to score.

The pick: Cowboys (-10)

Bucs at Lions

If the Lions lose and the Titans win, we'll have the 11-0 Titans taking on the 0-11 Lions at noon on Thanksgiving. In other words, you'll have a few more hours to recover from your hangover before focusing on football Thursday.

The pick: Bucs (-8.5)

Eagles at Ravens

There was a time when as Philadelphia fans, we would rip our own, but defend our athletes when non-Philadelphians criticized them. With all the national roasting of McNabb this week, I wasn't sure if this still applied. But then co-worker and Eagles fan Mike Potter made a crack about Warren Sapp's weight and manliness after hearing his comments about McNabb yesterday, and all order was restored in the world.

The pick: Ravens (-1)

Bears at Rams

Pretty funny piece by in the Green Bay Press Gazette about a Bears player punching a hole in a wall at Lambeau Field after Chicago was blown out, 37-3, last week. This reminds me of a similar incident that happened while I was in college. But instead of a Bears player, it was my friend J-Mons. And instead of losing an NFL game, it was a heated bout of beer pong. And instead of Lambeau Field, it was my dingy Beaver Terrace apartment. But other than that, same thing.

The pick: Bears (-8.5)

Vikings at Jaguars

In possibly the weakest grudge match in NFL history, the Vikings and Brad Childress take on wide receiver Troy Williamson and the Jaguars. Williamson, who used to play in Minnesota, said he was initially docked a game check by Childress for missing time to attend his grandmother's funeral last year. This week he said he has no respect for the Vikings coach. Yawn. I'm just glad at least one former Eagles coach is experiencing some struggles. All this Harbuaugh/Spagnuolo talk has been a bit much. I apologize if I sound extra bitter this week.

The pick: Jaguars (-2.5)

Panthers at Falcons

Remember that trade the Eagles made with the Panthers last year for their 2009 first-round pick? If the season ended today, that would be the 30th pick overall. Meanwhile, add Jake Delhomme to the list of current players sticking up for McNabb. Here's what he told The Charlotte Observer:

“I promise you Donovan didn't say, let's play this until the second overtime. I think he's getting a lot of flack over this. Some guys would be too proud to admit that. Hey, we (quarterbacks) have got to protect our own.”

The pick: Falcons (-1)

And the rest of the picks (my pick in caps):

RAIDERS (+9) at Broncos
SEAHAWKS (+3.5) vs. Redskins
GIANTS (-3) at Cardinals
CHARGERS (-2.5) vs. Colts

Monday night game will be picked Monday. Lines used are from sportsbook.com.