Week 11 NFL picks

Last week: 11-1
Overall: 76-60-4

Broncos at Falcons

Two of the more impressive young quarterbacks in the league take the field in Atlanta. No word on if Brandon Marshall plans to pull a prop out of his pants if he gets in the end zone. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, during last week's win over the Browns, Marshall attempted to pull a black and white glove out to show unity after Barack Obama's win. Brandon Stokley quickly ran over and stopped Marshall, fearing a 15-yard penalty.

The pick: Broncos (+6.5)

Raiders at Dolphins

Why you have to love NFL coaches: Raiders' passing game worries Miami Dolphins coach Sparano. That's a headline from the Miami Herald. For the record, Oakland's passing game is last in the league, averaging a whopping 139.2 yards per game. No team has thrown fewer TD passes than the Raiders' six. And Oakland's passer rating is a league-worst 64.0.

The pick: Raiders (+10)

Ravens at Giants

It's one of the biggest games of the weekend; some are even billing it as a possible Super Bowl preview. By the way, consider that Ravens coach John Harbaugh and Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo both came from the Eagles' staff. I think the Giants hit enough big plays to get the win.

The pick: Giants (-7)

Texans at Colts

Time for MC's Pick of the Week. MC is 4-6 on the season:

Houston's three-game winning streak was misleading as two of the wins came against the Bengals and Lions. They have come back to earth the last two weeks with losses to the Vikings and Ravens. The Colts are getting healthy and starting to get their act together.

The pick: Colts (-8)

Titans at Jaguars

As I said earlier this week, smart move by Jack Del Rio calling out his team before they played the Lions. Let's see if it carries over this week. The Titans were impressive last week, finding a way to win despite getting nothing fromt he ground game. I know some are predicting this to be their first loss. But they survive a scare and improve to 10-0.

The pick: Titans (-3)

Bears at Packers

I never thought the words "Orton likely to start" would bring such joy to the Bears' fan base. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. The Packers, meanwhile, lost a tough one last week to the Vikings, but I still say they're the best team in the division. These two teams square off for a second time in Week 16.

The pick: Packers (-3.5)

Eagles at Bengals

Lost in all the Eagles chatter is the fact that this is not an enjoyable team to watch anymore. It's almost a chore every week to spend the three hours in front of the TV. You cringe thinking about what could go wrong next. Later this week, I'm planning on ranking every game they've played this season on an "enjoyment scale." As for this one, I'm expecting a Birds' win, but not sure it will really mean anything.

The pick: Eagles (-9)

Saints at Chiefs

I'm sitting here watching College GameDay on ESPN, and they did a good piece on college players using eye black to express themselves. For instance, players will put their hometown area codes on the eye black or honor a deceased friend. New Orleans RB Reggie Bush is credited with starting this trend while at USC. Maryland running back and Plymouth-Whitemarsh product Da'Rel Scott rocks the "610" eye black. Not sure if there's an athlete who does the "215." If a player was willing to do an "MTC" to honor this blog, I'd be forever grateful. Or maybe I'll just show up to work on Monday with this.

The pick: Saints (-5.5)

Lions at Panthers

Question: Is it possible for a team to cover a 9.5-point spread when its quarterback goes 7-for-27 for 72 yards, one touchdown and four interceptions? Answer: Yes. Carolina and Jake Delhomme did just that last week against the Raiders. The Panthers are completely under the radar at 7-2, but check out some of their wins this season: at San Diego, Chicago, Atlanta, Arizona.

The pick: Panthers (-14)

Vikings at Bucs

Remember that Bucs team that broke our hearts in the final game at the Vet? They're not getting along so much nowadays. Warren Sapp, who participates in Dancing with the Stars, had some not-so-nice things to say about ex-teammate Keyshawn Johnson, who will appear on an interior decorating show on A&E. Click here for the link.

The pick: Bucs (-4)

Rams at 49ers

Can't wait for Sunday? It's because of games like this. The 2-7 Rams travel to Frisco to take on the 2-7 49ers in a key divisional matchup! And by the way, the Seahawks are 2-7 also. What's the record for fewest overall wins by a division? The 2008 NFC West has to be in the mix. Let's all root for a tie here.

The pick: Rams (+6.5)

Cardinals at Seahawks

Matt Hasselbeck will get the start for the first time in Week 5. Really like the Seahawks in this one. Arizona squeezed out a win on Monday night against the Cardinals but was far from impressive.

The pick: Seahawks (+3)

Chargers at Steelers

Will the Nike commercial with LaDainian Tomlinson and Troy Polamalu be played during every commercial break, or will CBS still mix in I wish that I knew what I know now, saved by zeeeero and Chevy Chase?

The pick: Steelers (-5)

Cowboys at Redskins

Jerry Jones says the Cowboys will "absolutely" make the playoffs and added that they're the gold standard in the NFL. OK, I made the last part up. Tony Romo's back for Dallas in this one.

The pick: Cowboys (-1.5)

Note: The Monday night game will be picked Monday. Lines used are from sportsbook.com