Weaver tries to clear the air

At this point, Eagles fans don't know exactly what role new fullback Leonard Weaver will fill next season.

Will Andy Reid use him in the passing game? Can he convert on short yardage? How often will he be on the field?

Like I said, we're not sure as of yet.

But after listening to his radio interview on 1290 The Ticket, one thing is certain. He's bringing a unique personality with him from Seattle.

Weaver made waves earlier this week when he called Philadelphia his "secondary choice" behind the Seahawks.

Inquirer columnist Bob Ford ripped into him pretty good over on Post Patterns yesterday.

But in his most recent radio interview, Weaver tried to clear the air, saying he wants to be in Philadelphia, and he didn't mean any disrespect with his earlier comments.

"I want to let people know, any time you start your career somewhere, of course you would love to stay there," he said. "That's where you started. You've got relationships. But anytime you have an opportunity to go somewhere else where you can excel, I mean that's what you do. And I was very excited. I let Seattle know at that particular time that yeah, when they asked me 'Do you want to stick around?' I told 'em yeah, and this is before free agency even started, but obviously in doing so, you know, we had to definitely make another decision. And we definitely had several other teams, but Philly is the place that I wanted to be."

I didn't include them in the quotes, but Weaver says 'man' and 'bro' before and after pretty much every sentence. In other words, Joe Conklin has a new impression to learn for sure.

Weaver continued, indicating his words had been taken out of context.

"It seems like a lot of things that I’ve been saying that have been written have definitely been misconstrued," he said. "I told people, I said you know man, don’t do me like that. I was like you know the kind of guy I am. I’m a truthful, honest guy, bro. I know some people may not like it, but you know man, no. Philly is where I am man. This is my new home. I’m looking forward to getting things started man. We’re gonna see what the future holds. It’s a one-year deal. I’m hoping that I come in and do what I need to do and they like me enough to say, 'you know what, we want you here for the rest of your career' and then hey, there we go. We got a new home. So I’m excited man."

And now my favorite part. We've added a name to the list of Philadelphia athletes who refer to themselves in the third person. But the great part about Weaver is that he doesn't refer to himself as 'Leonard' or 'Weaver.' Instead, he calls himself 'Weave.' I know, too good to be true. We even think Jimmy (video below) would be impressed.

"And I know, Philly, you gotta be careful about the media and what they say," he said. "If you didn’t hear it from Weave and you just saw it written down, then make sure you talk to Weave. Weave’ll clear it up for you."

And finally, one last message to the fans from Weave.

"Let me tell you Philly fans, you have nothing to worry about. I’m here," he said. "I want to stay. We’ll see what happens throughout the year. But I’m gonna give you my best, no matter what I do. I’m gonna give you a hundred percent when I’m on that field."

Glad to hear it Weave, glad to hear it.