Was McNabb booed at Sixers game?

I received an e-mail from reader Aaron earlier this week, asking if Donovan McNabb was booed or cheered when he was in attendance at last weekend's Sixers-Knicks game at the Wachovia Center.

I wasn't watching the game, but a quick Google search turned up a couple different results.

From the Associated Press:

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb watched from a front-row seat and received a loud ovation from the crowd. Eagles WR DeSean Jackson was also in attendance.

But from the New York Times:

Equally surprising was that the loudest boos were not for the Knicks, but for Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, who sat courtside. A week after crashing out of the N.F.L. playoffs, McNabb might have empathized with the Knicks. He knows what it is like to finish a game wondering where the defense went.

But then there was this from the New York Daily News:

Eagles QB Donovan McNabb and Phillies closer Brad Lidge attended Saturday night's game. McNabb got the louder and longer ovation of the two.

So what was it? Did McNabb get booed or cheered?

To get some insight, I enlisted help from our two spectacular Sixers writers -- The Inquirer's Kate Fagan and Phil Jasner from the Daily News. Their responses via e-mail indicate that McNabb was cheered.

From Fagan:

The crowd cheered Donovan. You could hear, underlying the cheering, perhaps a few folks booing. But it was more than 90% very respectful, thankful cheering.

And from Jasner:

Initially some booing, then drowned out by cheering.

So there you have it. I understand I'm a little late with this, but I figured if Aaron was wondering, maybe some others were also. If you were at the game, feel free to chime in with your observations.

As for the rest of the week, we have a big-time post slated for Thursday. It will actually be a weekly feature here at MTC that will run every Thursday from now until the NFL draft. So be sure to check back.

And Friday, it won't be on MTC, but yours truly will be live blogging along with philly.com's Mike Potter straight from the Wachovia Center for Wing Bowl 17. It means a 3 a.m. wakeup call, but I've never been to the event so I'm looking forward to it. Any advice is appreciated. I've already been warned to wear a poncho and bring a plastic bag for my laptop in case things turn ugly.