WR Steve Smith sent home after punching Lucas

Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith was sent home from practice yesterday after getting in a fight with teammate Ken Lucas.

Here's how it went down according to Tom Sorensen of the Charlotte Observer:

Smith and Lucas were standing on the side of the field while the special teams worked. And suddenly there was movement, and bodies came together and more bodies came together and linebacker Jon Beason finally wrapped up Smith and pulled him apart from Lucas.

According to reports, Lucas was seen holding an ice pack on his left eye. Sorensen suggests that a suspension for training camp or in the preseason wouldn't make much sense. His recommendation is for the Panthers to hold Smith out for the first three regular-season games.

In 2002, Smith punched teammate Anthony Bright and was suspended for one game.

NFL venues

In a few minutes, I'm headed to Yankee Stadium to see New York face the Angels. Baseball has a number of classic ballparks with storied traditions -- Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, etc. But what about the NFL? The only one I could think of off the top of my head, where games are still being played, is Lambeau Field. College football has too many to count, but does the NFL? Can you think of any places with great tradition where you just have to see a game at if you're a fan?