Vikings-Eagles sells out

The Vikings were able to avoid a blackout in Minnesota by selling out tomorrow's game against the Eagles.

Earlier in the week, this didn't look very likely. On Monday, the Vikings had 20,000 tickets to sell. That number went down to 14,000 on Tuesday. By Wednesday it was 11,000. Part of the problem was that only 55 percent of Vikings season-ticket holders chose to purchase playoff tickets.

Under normal NFL rules, teams have until 72 hours before kickoff to sell out and avoid a blackout. But the Vikings were granted an extension, getting the number down to 3,100 tickets by Friday.

The Vikings were then granted a second extension. And just minutes ago, the team announced the game has finally been sold out.

The last NFL playoff game to be blacked out was the 2002 matchup between the Ravens and Dolphins in Miami. The last time a game was blacked out in Minnesota was in 1997.

Update (6:36 p.m.)

According to the Pioneer Press, the Vikings did not receive a corporate or network buyout to purchase the remaining tickets.

And if you're an Eagles fan who is looking to make a spur-of-the-moment trip, you can still get tickets for face value (cheapest are $50). The game is officially a sellout for TV purposes, but according to the article, around 500-600 tickets remain.