Video: Hit leaves Eli with bloodied forehead

The Giants received a scare Monday night when Eli Manning was crushed in the team's preseason game against the Jets.

The video of the devastating hit is embedded below. Not great quality, but you can get the gist of it.

Manning and running back Brandon Jacobs appeared to have a miscommunication, and the Giants' quarterback was nailed by Calvin Pace from his blind side.

According to reports, he received 12 stitches but did not suffer a concussion.

"I feel fine. I feel normal. I'll be back as soon as I can. It's really not an injury," Manning said, per Tom Rock of Newsday.

KING ON KOLB's Peter King was at Eagles practice Sunday. Here's what he had to say about Kevin Kolb in his Monday Morning Quarterback column:

I watched the coach's tape of Kolb's six-of-11 performance against the Jaguars Friday night and took notice of how comfortable he looked leaving the pocket and throwing to targets on the run -- or scrambling when the play wasn't there. On his first third down, he circled back out of the backfield, pressured, and ran left, his primary receiver running free on a cross to the right of the formation. Knowing he'd be stepping up into the rush and throwing across his body, Kolb just ran to the left boundary and made the first down. He looked like the coach's son that he is, like he'd been prepping for this day for a couple of decades, not a couple of years.

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