Video: McCoy jabs Reid in belly

LeSean McCoy was pretty pleased with himself in the fourth quarter.

He had just picked up what he thought was a first down and managed to stay in bounds to seemingly ice the Eagles' victory over the Redskins.

After he got up off the ground, McCoy was face-to-face with his coach and decided to give Andy Reid a jab in the stomach. He caught the big guy off-guard. Reid's reaction was priceless, and he said afterwards that McCoy knocked the wind out of him in what was a classic moment.

Of course, the play ended up being reviewed and overturned before Michael Vick picked up a first down with a QB sneak.

Luckily, someone got McCoy's little jab right away and put it on YouTube. Enjoy.

And if you missed it from earlier, here are my post-game observations.

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