Vick talks steroids, his future

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is making the rounds, promoting his new show, The Michael Vick Project, which debuts on BET Tuesday night.

He's not really saying anything new in terms of getting his life back together, his regrets, his time in prison, etc.

But in an interview with Fox 5 in New York Friday, he was asked about a report that surfaced a week ago in which dealer David Jacobs said he supplied Vick with steroids.

During an investigation in 2007, Vick denied ever using steroids or human growth hormone. He did so again during the interview.

"That's absolutely false," Vick said of the allegations by Jacobs. "I wouldn't even entertain that question because it's something that I've never condoned and never will."

As for his football future, a league source told the Daily News last week that Andy Reid has already assured Vick he would be traded before April's draft.

That report would make sense with the answers Vick gave when asked if he'll be back next year.

"I don't want to say it's a no. I'm just saying, I don't know," Vick told Mike Missanelli during a radio interview last week. "Obviously, they hold the option in the contract. I just have to wait and see what they're gonna do. Regardless of the decision that's made, I gotta live with it and I gotta carry it out and move on."

Would he be willing to return to the Eagles as a backup?

"It'd be tough, but if I had to, I would," Vick said. "I don't want to. I know I can still play at a high level, and that's what I want to do. But if I have to, and if that's God's plan, then that's what it has to be."

You can watch the entire TV interview below.

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