Vick can see future with Eagles

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick sat down with James Brown of CBS for an interview that aired during today's pre-game show.

Here's a recap of what he said.

Q: Has this year been a roller coaster for him?

Vick: "It hasn't been tough at all. Me and Kevin [Kolb] talked about it, and we both just felt like we was here to do what was best for the football team. Now I'm back being a starter, and we just agree that we're going to continue to stay competitive, help one another, push one another and make the most out of our situation. I feel like this team was definitely capable of winning a Super Bowl regardless of who was behind the center. As long as you put it together, as long as you play smart, I think sky is the limit."

Q: Can Vick see himself spending the rest of his career with the Eagles?

A: "You know what? I can. Hopefully that'll happen, but if not, I'll just be blessed for the opportunity that they gave me. But while I got the time now, I'm just going to enjoy every week, each and every week."

Q: Does he need to change his style at all to avoid big hits?

Vick: "That hit I took against Washington really woke me up. Every run, I felt like I had to break the big one. I know I still got it, and that's what's most important. I have to be there for the longevity of the season and for my career and take great consideration into my health."

Q: Has Vick given 110 percent like he said he would after he got out of prison?

Vick: "I've done that. Today was my off day, and I'm here. I wanted to be a perfectionist. I'm chasing perfection. And when I'm leaving this building on Friday, I want to know everything about the opposition, everything. So I just give myself that opportunity now, and it all pays off in the end."

Q: Does Vick like the person/player he is now compared to the person/player he was with the Falcons?

Vick: "I'm in love with the Michael Vick of today. If I would have never went through what I went though, I wouldn't be sitting here today, feeling the way that I'm feeling, expressing myself to you. I'd probably still be taking the Michael Vick experience for granted.


The NFL insiders chimed in on the Donovan McNabb situation during today's pre-game shows. Jay Glazer of Fox Tweeted that Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan doesn't think McNabb fits Washington's system and thought of benching him weeks ago.

Per, Glazer also said the Redskins thought of benching McNabb for his homecoming to the Linc in Week 4.

Meanwhile, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports that the Redskins had to cut their playbook in half for McNabb. Mortensen also says McNabb has had trouble calling plays in the huddle.

Earlier Sunday, I posted on some things to look for during Eagles-Colts. And a reminder that I'll be chatting live from the Linc at 4:15.


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