Vick fires back at Ryan, Cowboys

Michael Vick said he "was mad about" Dallas defensive coordinator Rob Ryan's jab at the Eagles. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

When asked about Rob Ryan calling the Eagles the "all-hype team" earlier this week, Andy Reid made a hot dog eating joke, and Jeffrey Lurie refused to fire back.

But Michael Vick? Well, he had a response.

"I was mad about that," Vick said, during an interview with Mike Missanelli on 97.5 The Fanatic. "Sometimes my emotions do come into play and I felt like that was inappropriate. But he's gonna have to deal with us. And he’s going to have to find solutions just like everybody else. And we don’t talk. We go about our business the right way. Maybe we’ll make him eat his words. I hope he backs it up."

Vick agreed with Missanelli's notion that talking noise is fine among players, but a little over the top when coaches get involved.

"Players, because we have to be on the field, we on the gridiron. Coach, you on the sideline coaching," Vick said. "You don’t know what it’s like to be in this battle so I mean, the only thing you can do is coach, so coach."

Meanwhile, Ryan continued to express his confidence during an interview with Albert Breer of NFL Network.

"You can't talk noise if you don't have the players to back it up," Ryan said. "We always walk the walk. Anybody that knows a Ryan knows they walk the walk. We don't talk the talk, we walk it. Our guys are gonna be good, and we know it. So that ain't talkin'. That's just the (bleepin') way it is."

As I explained last week, Vick has become the spokesman of the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles. When reporters ask about DeSean Jackson's absence, Vick is the one who speaks up, as Reid and the front office brush the issue aside. And when Ryan takes a playful jab at the Eagles, it's Vick who fires back.

Perhaps what's most remarkable, though, is I get the feeling everyone in the organization is perfectly comfortable with Vick's new role. His teammates clearly follow him. And I think everyone from Reid to Joe Banner to Howie Roseman to Jeffrey Lurie is happy to have Vick as the voice of the franchise.

That reality shows the extent to which he's rehabbed his image since getting out of prison.

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