Updated: List of potential Eagles draft prospects

Last week, I put together a list of draft prospects the Eagles have reportedly been interested in.

As I mentioned at the time, the Eagles could easily select a player not on this list, but many of you wanted to know who they've worked out, etc.

So I've updated the list with reports from this week. I left it in the original post so click here for the rundown.

Tomorrow, I'll have more information on one of the players on the list, who I interviewed over the phone a few days ago. Can anyone guess who it might be?

In the meantime, a couple comments I liked from my earlier post:

5isaKing 11:59 AM, 04/15/2009 -- I contributed to saving your job, now give me a cookie....

Posted by Panthro22 11:36 AM, 04/15/2009 -- Blah...blah...blah...twitter, schmitter.........

So there you have it. Should have more later tonight, including thoughts on the schedule, which I have not yet gotten to.

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