Trotter chimes in on Eagles-Giants

As I said in my earlier post, it was fun to listen to WIP/WFAN's Eagles-Giants simulcast this afternoon.

The sister sports-talk stations from Philadelphia and New York combined to break down Sunday's game for three hours earlier today.

One interesting guest that appeared on the show was ex-Eagles linebacker Jeremiah Trotter, always a fan favorite in this city. The Axe-Man had some interesting things to say, including his take on Sunday's game.

"If anybody can beat those guys, it’s the Eagles. It’s gonna be predicated upon stopping big boy, stopping that three-headed monster. I don’t believe Eli [Manning] is a quarterback that can beat you with his arm. If Eli doesn’t have a running game, he’s average at best. But with that three-headed monster, I can throw a curl route when you’re rushing for 200 yards."

Trotter also talked about some of his favorite Eagles-Giants moments, including that jarring hit on punter Jeff Feagles. By the way, how is that hit not on YouTube? If someone adds it, let me know and I'll link it up here.

"That was one of the best, especially when he was on the sideline over there checking his teeth, making sure he had all his teeth," Trotter said.

When asked if he like flattening punters, Trotter responded the way only he can.

"I like flattening anybody," he said to one of the WFAN hosts. "If you put on a jersey, I might get you right now."

Trotter also said the Eagles can win even if Brian Westbrook is bottled up, highlighting the team's other weapons, including Jason Avant, who he compared to Chad Lewis.

The program featured other guests like Vince Papale, Vai Sikahema, Merrill Reese and Giants radio play-by-play man Bob Papa. Papa also called games for NFL Network this season, and said that SI cover with DeSean Jackson has gotten the Giants' attention.

"I mean, the Giants are masters at being favored in a game, having the No. 1 seed and somehow playing the role of underdogs," Papa said. "They really do a pretty good job of that. And I will tell you this. On Wednesday when the Sports Illustrated came out with DeSean Jackson on the cover, and 'Giants Beware' as the headline, I was walking from the weight room in the back area of the Giants locker room, past the trainers' room, and there was already a couple of copies pinned up on the bulletin board. And a couple players walked by and stopped and looked at it and just kind of raised their eyebrows and said 'Hmm, very interesting.' And believe me, they’ll use everything they can as motivation to ride that whole underdog mentality."

I'm not sure I buy the whole "bulletin board" thing, but professional athletes are an unusual sort.