Trotter: Jim Johnson got outcoached

Brian Westbrook cleans out his locker a day after a 32-25 loss to the Cardinals ended the Eagles' season. (Ed Hille / Staff Photographer)

Ex-Eagles linebacker Jeremiah Trotter said in an interview with WIP's morning show that defensive coordinator Jim Johnson got outcoached in yesterday's 32-25 loss to the Cardinals.

"I really believe Jim Johnson just flat-out got outcoached," Trotter said. "He got outcoached. And I said it on the pre-game show that Jim Johnson does not change. He knows what he's gonna do. He lives by the blitz. He dies by the blitz."

Trotter continued, saying Johnson's biggest weakness is that he does not make adjustments at halftime.

"Whatever they [the Cardinals] did, they made adjustments, and Jim Johnson did not make adjustments," Trotter said. "He really don't make adjustments. I know he went in at halftime and said 'Listen guys, we just gotta make more plays.' And normally we would go in and we would draw up the plays that was beating us, but we want to know how can we beat these guys? What adjustments can we make on the sidelines? And that's Jim Johnson's Achilles heel that I've seen over the past years that I've played for him. He's not a good halftime adjustments coach and it showed."

Trotter also talked about Donovan McNabb's post-game comments. I blogged about this yesterday, but McNabb talked about how difficult it was to watch the Cardinals drive down the field in the fourth quarter after the Eagles took their only lead of the game. Here's the specific quote Trotter was asked to respond to:

"You know to go up and put yourself in position to win and you're sitting on the sidelines just awaiting that opportunity, and team's just eating clock up, trying to keep you off the field, and we've been a part of that five or six times since I've been here, and seen it so many times, that they've tried to keep our offense off the field and just be successful running the ball," McNabb said.

"You know, I told the offense 'Hey, you know all we have to do is just get one. We get one and everything else will follow,'" McNabb added. "And we see everything happening. Then we also see, being on the sideline, seeing it taken away from us so tip your hat off to them."

WIP morning host Angelo Cataldi asked Trotter if it sounded like McNabb was throwing the defense under the bus with his post-game comments.

"Donovan is my friend. He's my boy, but it sounds a little bit like he's throwing the defense under the bus there," Trotter said. "He's basically saying 'You know what? We was waiting for an opportunity to get out there and they ate up the clock.' But they had more than enough time when they got the ball back. They had close to three minutes to drive down the field on a defense that they had on their heels to score. And it didn't happen."

Click here to listen to the entire interview with Trotter.

Note: Photo gallery above has nothing to do with Trotter. I just thought images of the players cleaning out their lockers might be of interest.