Tra: I haven't heard from Andy

In an interview with WIP's morning show, Tra Thomas said today that he has had no communication with Andy Reid since signing with the Jaguars.

"I haven't heard from him. ...I talked to [offensive line coach] Juan [Castillo]. Juan called me. I'm gonna give him a call today and talk to him," Thomas said. "But hey man, 10 years with him [Reid], I haven't heard anything, but it's cool. I understand the nature of the game. I don't take it personal."

Granted, it has been less than 24 hours, but Thomas said the only time Reid talked to him about his future was when the Eagles coach called him before the free-agency period started and said they'd just have to see what happens.

"No one ever said anything to me," Thomas said. "None of the coaches reached out to me and said anything. Coach Reid called me one time right when free agency was just about to begin, when they had that 12 o'clock deadline, when they told me and [Jon] Runyan we can't come in tomorrow. That was it. He gave me like a quick call. I was on the phone with him for like five minutes and it was just a quick surface conversation and then that was it. There wasn't a conversation saying 'hey we want you' or 'hey we don't want you.' It was just kind of like 'we'll just see how it plays out' and that was it. I didn't hear anything else from anybody else."

Thomas later clarified that he was not told he couldn't work out at the Eagles facilities.

Maybe this is standard procedure when teams don't want to bring free agents back in the NFL. I don't know.

But from an outsider's view, it would seem that the Eagles could improve their communication skills.

You can go back and point to the Brian Dawkins situation when Joe Banner said he had no idea how Dawkins felt after the two sides met to discuss a new contract. Banner said the Dawkins camp never called the Eagles after they had an offer on the table from the Broncos. But Dawkins told Comcast SportsNet's Derrick Gunn that they did try to contact the Eagles.

And looking back even further, there was the much-discussed topic of Reid not being the one to tell Donovan McNabb he was being benched during the season.

Meanwhile, Thomas said he "didn't know anything" in terms of what the Eagles' plans were after the season.

"Once Dawk signed with Denver, I said 'there it is,' " Thomas said, concluding that if the team wasn't going to bring Dawkins back, they definitely weren't going to bring him back.

Looking at some of the comments on the blogs and stories on, I've been surprised that many have taken the "good riddance" approach with Thomas. Whether you think they should have re-signed him or not, the guy has been durable and a superior pass blocker throughout the Reid/McNabb era. 149 regular-season games in all.

It could very well be a case of not appreciating him until he's gone.

On that note, The Inquirer's Bob Brookover and the Daily News' Les Bowen both write about where the Eagles go from here. Bob Ford touches on the topic also on his blog Post Patterns.

Editor's Note: This entry was originally posted at 8:38 a.m. this morning. I have since listened to the podcast and added to Thomas' quotes.