Third quarter: Eagles 10, Steelers 10

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Second quarter recap

Third quarter observations

15:00 -- Lorenzo Booker bobbles the kickoff, but recovers for a nice return to open the second half.

11:54 -- Running back Tony Hunt is in the game for the Birds. I wonder where this guy lost the chip on his shoulder. In college, he had to battle to get playing at Penn State, and became a master of picking up blitzes and doing the little things. Doesn't look like that's happened since he got to the pros.

10:45 -- Kevin Kolb appears to have a pretty good grasp of the offense. He's completed 10 of 13 passes for 66 yards.

9:50 -- Nice job by Hank Baskett. A Kolb pass was deflected high into the air, and Baskett battle back from his route to fight knock the ball down and break up a possible interception.

8:28 -- Dennis Dixon has been playing quarterback for the Steelers. Dixon was one of the most exciting college football players in the country last year for Oregon. He had a serious shot at the Heisman if he didn't get injured.

7:41 -- Jerome McDougle gets pressure on Dixon, but can't pick up the sack. A Mike Mamula, if  you will. The Steelers are forced to punt though.

3:44 -- Another nice rush by McDougle. This time he had Dixon in his grasp, but the Steelers quarterback managed to throw the ball away.

2:15 -- Penalty on the Eagles: unsportsmanlike conduct on a punt return. The Eagles had six penalties for 45 yards at halftime, and are adding to that total.

1:09 -- Kolb connects with Hank Baskett for a first down. Charley Casserly mentions Baskett running the fade route. I've heard quite a bit about Baskett and the fade route this preseason. Maybe we'll get to see the Eagles run that play before the night is over.

0:20 -- Kolb fumbles the snap from center Nick Cole, and the Steelers recover. Guess we won't see the fade on this driev.