Third quarter: Eagles-Rams

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First quarter observations

Second quarter observations

How they scored

Eagles 31, Rams 0 -- David Akers connected on a 23-yard field goal with 2:31 left in the third quarter. The score was set up by a 60-yard punt return by DeSean Jackson.

Eagles 28, Rams 0 --
Fullback Tony Hunt found the end zone from 1 yard out to give the Eagles a 28-0 lead in the third quarter. The Eagles went 56 yards on nine plays for the score.

Eagles 21, Rams 0 --
Donovan McNabb found Hank Baskett wide open for a 90-yard touchdown with 47 seconds left in the second quarter. The Eagles ran the ball on first and second down with 1:39 left in the first half, but then McNabb hit Baskett for a bomb to extend the Eagles' lead.

Eagles 14, Rams 0 --
Donovan McNabb connected with L.J. Smith for a 5-yard touchdown with 1:53 left in the first quarter. The Eagles went 82 yards on 11 plays in 5:28. Two possessions, two touchdowns for the offense.

Eagles 7, Rams 0 --
Donovan McNabb found Brian Westbrook from 1 yard out on a shovel pass to give the Eagles a 7-0 lead with 12:17 left. The big play on the Eagles' opening scoring drive was a 47-yard pass to rookie wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

Third quarter observations

15:00 -- Some halftime numbers to share with you before we start the third quarter. McNabb has completed 16 of 24 passes for 297 yards and three touchdowns. He has not been sacked and has not thrown an interception. Four different Eagles receivers have catches of 30-plus yards: Hank Baskett (90 yards); Jason Avant (31 yards); DeSean Jackson (70 yards); Greg Lewis (52 yards). On the ground, Brian Westbrook has eight carries for 29 yards. As for the Rams, Marc Bulger has completed six of 15 passes for 75 yards. He's thrown three near-interceptions by my unofficial count and has been sacked once. Torry Holt has yet to make a catch. Tight end Randy McMichael is the team's leading receiver with three catches for 41 yards. Steven Jackson has carried 10 times for 34 yards.

Back with more from the second half after a quick trip to the fridge and the bathroom. I know, too much information.

14:17 -- The Eagles' defense comes through again, forcing a Rams punt on their first possession of the second half. DeSean Jackson has nowhere to go on the return. He's been great as a receiver today, average as a return man.

11:19 -- I'll be honest. I haven't seen any other games today, but I feel comfortable saying Asante Samuel leads the league in near-interceptions. For the third time today, he just nearly picked off Marc Bulger. This one would have been a pick-six had he held on.

10:28 -- Jackson may be reading this blog on the sidelines. Minutes after I mentioned he's been average as a defender, he nearly broke one, and ended up with an 18-yard return.

6:59 -- The Eagles are driving. McNabb just hit Jackson for a 25-yard gain. Yet another big play from the passing offense.

5:45 -- Tony Hunt has joined the party. The Eagles' fullback scored from 1 yard out to extend the lead to 28-0.

3:26 -- DeSean Jackson is the story today. The Eagles rookie just took a return 60 yards to the Rams' 9-yard line, setting up first-and-goal for the offense.

2:31 -- Donovan McNabb's shovel pass to L.J. Smith on third down is incomplete, and the Eagles settle for a 23-yard field goal from David Akers. 31-0.