Third quarter: Eagles-Panthers

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Third quarter observations

12:50 -- The third quarter begins as badly as the second quarter ended. Kevin Kolb is picked off on a tipped pass.

11:17 -- Donovan McNabb is interviewed by Chris Myers. McNabb said it was good to get used to playing in bad conditions. I'm not sure that's what Eagles fans were looking forward to seeing in a preseason game.

10:21 -- Some numbers from the starters. McNabb was 11-for-24 for 98 yards. He looked good at the start of the game, but looked shaky later on. The receivers didn't give him much help with several drops, but the offensive line was solid in my estimation. Is 24 passes too much for one half of a preseason game?

9:09 -- Lorenzo Booker carried four times for 26 yards. Brian Westbrook had five rushes for 14 yards.

7:56 -- Kolb hits DeSean Jackson for a nice 19-yard gain. Jackson has had an extremely busy night. The totals right now are six catches for 57 yards.

6:29 -- By the way, Joe Buck keeps telling us that it's a "90-second break" when they go to commercial. How long is a normal break? Is this going to be a new trend from announcers in 2008?

6:21 -- Jerome McDougle, who played well in the first preseason game, picks up a sack (I believe the Eagles' first one of the game). The fans, who are left, rejoice in the stands, not sure if they're celebrating the sack or are just happy with being able to pound a few extra beers during the rain delay earlier.

4:25 -- Joe Buck is talking about bowling greats from St. Louis. Glad to see I'm not the only one having trouble coming up with material at this point in the game.

3:40 -- Nice job by Kolb getting rid of the ball on a blitz by the Panthers. He made a nice throw, but Hank Baskett never saw the ball and it hit him in the helmet, or the Eagles could have had a touchdown.