The Eagles' best offseason move

Was the addition of Brandon Graham, left, and Nate Allen the best offseason move by the Eagles? (Charles Fox / Ron Tarver / Staff Photos)

About to head out of town for the weekend for a family gathering, but wanted to get a quick post up first.

A publication recently asked me to answer a series of questions about the Eagles for their NFL preview magazine.

And there was one question that made me think a little longer than the others: What was the Eagles' best and worst offseason move?

For me, the worst was easy. If you're a frequent reader of MTC, you'll be able to guess it right away: trading Sheldon Brown to Cleveland.

Brown, when healthy, is an above-average corner. The options left now: starting Joselio Hanson, converting safeties Macho Harris or Marlin Jackson, starting rookie Trevard Lindley or hoping for a resurgence from Ellis Hobbs are far from sure things.

As for the best offseason move, I really struggled to find one. Who are the new players the team's added? Darryl Tapp, Ernie Smis, Jackson. Do any of those moves qualify? Nope.

What about the Donovan McNabb trade? While it seems like the majority of fans were on board with starting the Kevin Kolb era, I don't think that deal fits the mold either. It's not lik the Eagles received overwhelming compensation.

So I went with the selection of Brandon Graham and Nate Allen in the first two rounds of last month's draft. Is this choice contingent on those guys actually being able to play? Of course. But at least the Eagles addressed a couple areas of need - pass rush and safety.

I won't lie. It did feel like a bit of a stretch. But it was more a process of elimination than anything else.

So I ask you: What was the Eagles' best and worst move of the 2010 offseason?

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