T.O. gets ripped; Monday night pick

I guess it was just a matter of time, right?

In case you missed it -- and I doubt you did -- Terrell Owens complained to reporters yesterday after the Cowboys lost to the Redskins. Here's what he told The Dallas Morning News after yesterday's game:

"Everybody recognized that I wasn't really getting the ball in the first half," Owens said. "I'm pretty sure everybody watching the game recognized it, people in the stands recognized it, I think my team recognized it. I didn't quit. I kept fighting and trying to running my routes and trying to get open."

This is pretty funny because anyone who watched the game saw that the Cowboys were doing everything in their power to get T.O. the ball. In fact, when the Eagles aren't playing and I'm watching games, I'll write down notes to refer to when I blog during the week. Yesterday, I made a note about how smart Jason Garrett was. Owens had just two catches for 17 yards in Week 3 against the Packers. As I watched yesterday's game, I noticed Garrett was trying to find creative ways to get Owens the ball, probably in an effort to keep him happy (Note: It doesn't appear this worked).

My eyes were not deceiving me. A couple writers for The Dallas Morning News made the same point today. Brian Davis notes that the Cowboys ran 58 offensive plays. Eighteen of them were throws to Owens, and two more were running plays to Owens.

Says reporter Tim MacMahon:

I'd really prefer that T.O. give credit to Shawn Springs and Carlos Rogers, because it wouldn't be good for the blogging business if the Original 81 shut up. ... If T.O. wants the ball more often, he ought to try getting open.

And probably my favorite from Jean Jacques Taylor in a post titled Hey T.O.: It's time to shut up again:

When I lauded T.O. last week for his hustle, I did say he was petulant and prone to whining. Well, he's at it again. It takes incredible gall to moan and groan about not getting the ball when the quarterback throws 17 passes in your direction and you also run the ball twice for 11 yards. That's 19 touches. Eleven more than any other offensive player. It's times like this when I remember why I once suggested T.O. shut up.

Monday night pick: Ravens at Steelers

Monday night record: 4-0

If I pick tonight's game correctly, I'm calling myself Mr. Monday Night. I don't care if the name's already taken. Coming off a Sunday in which I went 9-3 with picks, I'm allowed to have a little hop in my step.

Rookie Joe Flacco makes his first road start against the division rival Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger, meanwhile, is still trying to figure out Jim Johnson's blitz scheme. Maybe he should call Kyle Orton? I'm not sure the Ravens will be able to run the ball effectively, which could lead to some Flacco turnovers. For the Ravens to win, I think they have to get points on defense or special teams. Look for the Steelers to take this one in a low-scoring affair, 20-13.

The pick: Steelers (-6)