T.O. doesn't get into Eagles past

I just got done watching Terrell Owens' press conference with the Bills yesterday, and thought I'd share some of the highlights.

This crowd is undoubtedly interested in whether T.O. talked about the Eagles at all.

Owens was asked about some of the problems he's had in the locker room and with coaches/teammates in the past. He commented on his time with the Cowboys, but didn't want to look past beyond that.

"That's all hearsay. If you look at all the comments that have come from all my teammates, with the Cowboys, my last three years, it's all been positive," he said. "Prior to that, I don't really want to get into it. I'll let my teammates speak highly, and I think they have done that. They've spoken, and it speaks loudly as to what transpired."

He later continued.

"I'm sure those guys and some of the guys around the league and in the locker room that I was with for three years, they'll know that whatever's been said out there is not accurate."

At one point, Owens demonstrated the charm that made him so beloved during the Super Bowl season in Philadelphia. In the middle of an answer, a reporter's phone rang.

"That's a fine," T.O. said without missing a beat, as the whole room cracked up.

But can a guy whose last two stops have been Philadelphia and Dallas embrace playing in Buffalo? A town that loves its team, but wouldn't be described as big-market.

"This may not be probably the most ideal place for a lot of people, but I beat to my own beat sometimes. I go to my own thinking, my own intuitions," Owens said.

I'm just wondering who ESPN's Buffalo correspondent will be. Sal Paolantonio followed Owens around in Philadelphia. And then Ed Werder took the baton in Dallas. But who will it be in Buffalo? I nominate Pedro Gomez. There's no longer Barry Bonds to chase around, right?

Last week, rumors spread as soon as T.O. was released that he was not generating a lot of interest on the open market. Drew Rosenhaus disagreed publicly, saying several teams were interested. Owens echoed those sentiments.

"There were interest. To get into it doesn't make any sense for that right now. I'm here with the Buffalo Bills. I'm a Buffalo Bill right now. And right now I'm just gonna start with that," he said.

And finally, a classic T.O. line.

"I'm leaving America's team for North America's team," he said.