Steve McNair shot dead

Former NFL quarterback Steve McNair has been shot and killed, according to several reports.

Absolutely stunning news.

Probably like many of you, I was taking in the Phillies-Mets game at a friend's barbecue this afternoon. I drove over to another friend's house to watch the end of the game when he broke the news.

Details are still emerging, but here's some of what we've cobbled together:

** McNair suffered a gunshot wound to his head at a condo complex in downtown Nashville.

** When police arrived at the scene this afternoon, they found two people dead. McNair, and a female who has not been identified.

** McNair was 36.

McNair was a three-time Pro Bowler and former league MVP in 2003. He led the Titans to the Super Bowl in 2000.

I worked for during McNair's time with the Ravens. He'll be best known for his toughness and ability to play through injuries. A competitor through and through.

And of course, I'll always remember him throwing the pass that ended up just short of the end zone against the Rams in the 2000 Super Bowl.

Thoughts and prayers go out to McNair's family during this difficult time.

Feel free to share your thoughts and memories.