Staley, Chad Lewis join Eagles in Ariz.

A couple ex-Eagles are on hand to join on their former teammates during today's NFC championship game in Arizona.

Former running back Duce Staley is there as an honorary captain. In an interview on Comcast SportsNet, he said he's still in touch with a lot of the players and the coaching staff. What's the mood of the team been since he arrived?

"A focused team," Staley said. "And they've been focused since I got here. I got here Friday. I see a team that is young, which is very surprising to me. If you look on the defensive side of the ball and you take [Brian] Dawkins away, the average age is what? 26? 25? And they're focused. And that's something that's very surprising dealing with this league."

In case you're wondering, Staley said he's calling heads.

Former tight end Chad Lewis is also on the sideline. Lewis told CSN he's writing a book called Surround Yourself with Greatness which in his words means "You can't hang out with skunk and not stink."

What does Lewis think is going to happen today?

"The Eagles have been playing as a team more than they have in years," Lewis said. "And the way you can see that is the way they show their emotion on the field. After a big tackle, after a big play, they're jumping on each other. They're going bananas. And it carries over from the field to the sidelines. So you see Donovan going up and down the sideline, patting dudes on the back. And Dawkins, the whole team's feeding off his energy. When you have that kind of emotion and that kind of team chemistry, plus the great defense they've been playing. Great things are going to happen today. If they play like they've been playing, they're going to win the game."

Lewis just became the father of twin boys on New Year's Day.

"I told Donovan, I said 'Look, your boy can be the quarterback. My boys'll be twin tights. We'll get together in 20 years. Boo-yah," Lewis said.