Simms predicts no playoffs for Eagles

CBS analyst Phil Simms predicts no playoffs for Andy Reid's squad in 2010. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

CBS analyst Phil Simms had positive things to say about Kevin Kolb during a radio interview earlier this month.

But Simms doesn't think the Eagles are playoff-bound in 2010. Instead, he predicts the Cowboys to take the division and go to the Super Bowl. He also has the Giants as in as a wild-card team.

CBS released Simms' predictions via e-mail. He announced them on TV last week. In the NFC, he's got the Saints, Vikings and 49ers as the other division winners. And Simms predicts that the Packers win the other wild-card spot.

In the AFC, he's got the Jets, Bengals, Colts and Chargers as the division winners, with the Patriots and Ravens earning wild-card berths. Simms has the Colts meeting the Cowboys in the Super Bowl.


Interesting look at league-wide injuries from our friend Bill Barnwell over at Football Outsiders. Barnwell takes a look at injury reports from 2007 to 2009 to determine which teams under-report injuries and which teams over-report injuries.

The Eagles play the guys on their injury report 3.8 percent more than the league average. In other words, they slightly over-report injuries, according to this study.

Only six teams in the league played the guys on their injury report more frequently than the Eagles: the Jets (13.4%), the Falcons (8.1%), the Browns (6.7%), the Chargers (6.7%), the Bucs (4.9%) and the Cardinals (4.0%).

The Chiefs, Colts and Seahawks played the guys on their injury report the least over the three-year span.


At least one national columnist thinks it's about time Donovan McNabb stuck up for himself. Referencing comments McNabb made to GQ last week, Mike Freeman of writes that the former Eagles quarterback should have stuck up for himself earlier:

Finally, after so many years of biting his tongue, of playing the polite politician, of being afraid to offend anyone, of fearing telling some Philly fan where to stuff his cheesesteak, Donovan McNabb has finally and forcefully defended himself. Thank you, Donovan. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It's about time.


I took a detailed look at Kevin Kolb's performance against the Chiefs in a new weekly feature: What about Kolb?

I also have today's video report up, with clips from Mike McGlynn and Trent Cole.

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