Simms, Collinsworth: Vick's the right choice

Experts and analysts around the country are chiming in with opinions on Andy Reid's decision to start Michael Vick over Kevin Kolb.

Two of the more higher-profile ones, Phil Simms and Cris Collinsworth, think Reid would have had a tough time convincing the locker room to believe in Kolb after Vick played so well against Green Bay and Detroit.

"If Mike Vick didn’t start this week there would have been a revolution in the locker room, amongst the coaches and amongst the fans," Collinsworth said on Showtime's Inside the NFL, which airs Wednesday night. "It doesn’t mean that they won’t ultimately end up back at Kevin Kolb, they could. Michael Vick, let’s face it, he’s a little older, he doesn’t always stand in the pocket, follow the game plan. I am sure it’s difficult to coach. He is not going to do everything the coaches want him to do, but he creates in a way that we’ve never seen in this league."

The part about creating in a way we've never seen is a key point. Today at NovaCare, pretty much every receiver pointed to Vick's ability to extend plays when asked what he brings to the table.

Simms agreed with Collinsworth that Vick is the right choice.

"I guess Andy Reid realized he had to stand in front of the team," Simms said. "And the team watches the film and I think you guys will agree players really always know... the last six quarters that Michael Vick has played there is really nothing, even if you are a Michael Vick hater, what are you going to complain about? His running is still extraordinary. And what people always forget about Michael Vick, he has an extraordinary arm."

And finally, Warren Sapp, a guy who has played against Vick, chimed in.

"We remember the old Michael Vick, the last one in the building the first one out," Sapp said. "It’s a different guy now. He is coming in and working on his craft as a quarterback. And you can see it in his film work. You watch him drop back and read things out and delivering the ball. He always has a wonderful arm and even better legs. But now he has his mental game coming along. When you are actually preparing and you know where your outlets are, how to get out of a play, the checks and the different stuff that you have to make. He’s a different quarterback now."

Earlier today, I posted a video with reaction from the Eagles' locker room.

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