Sikahema clarifies comments

Update: Sikahema explains in his own words that his quotes were taken out of context.

Update 2: Click here to listen to the interview on ESPN 950.

Original post:

Before I left the office about 30 minutes ago, I told my co-workers I felt a little guilty about today's earlier Vai Sikahema post. I was floored to see so many mean-spirited comments directed at Sikahema just because he was "reportedly" rooting for the Cardinals.

If you missed the entry, I had read an article in The Arizona Republic, which quoted Sikahema as saying he'd be rooting for the Cardinals -- where he started his career -- in this weekend's NFC championship. I thought it would be of interest to some of you so I wrote about it.

I was floored a few hours later at just how mean-spirited some of you were with your comments about Sikahema.

Well when I got in the car this evening and turned on ESPN 950, there was Sikahema talking to Mike Missanelli about the Arizona Republic article. He said his comments to the reporter, Bob Young, were taken completely out of context.

Unfortunately, I had my hands on the steering wheel so I don't have exact quotes. But basically Sikahema said he always roots for the Cardinals because they're a downtrodden franchise that gave him a shot in the NFL. He didn't mean he'd root for them in this game though. He said he won't really be rooting for anyone. He likes the Eagles and he'd like to see the Eagles win, but he doesn't have a particular rooting interest.

Sikahema said he was blatantly set up and jokingly added he might have to jack Young up for his inaccurate reporting.

So there you have it. Sikahema is not rooting for the Cardinals in the NFC championship. Everybody can relax.