Shawn Andrews: I owe Reid, Philly

Since the Eagles put Shawn Andrews on injured reserve in the preseason, we haven't heard much from him, aside from his very active Twitter account.

But he opened up last week in a radio interview on the Sports Bash with Mike Gill on 97.3 ESPN.

Shawn Andrews is four-and-a-half weeks removed from back surgery. Next up is a six-month rehab process.

Andrews said he's about four-and-a-half-weeks removed from back surgery. The next step is to get cleared for rehab. Once that happens, it will be (ideally) a six-month process, but he said he hopes to be ready for training camp.

Andrews talked at length about being motivated to pay back Andy Reid, who has stood by him the past couple of seasons.

"When I came out to LA after my back issue, I had to look coach Reid in the eye and tell him I owe him," Andrews said. "It’s bigger than football with me right now. If nothing else, I just wish that I could get just one more season just so I can pay coach Reid and just prove to the fans that I still have it, I still want to be a part of this organization. And for coach Reid sticking by me with my situation in 2008, and I definitely owe the city of Philadelphia so hopefully lord willing, I can get back to 100 percent and get to mashing people again."

Andrews added that things are going well, but he acknowledged that things were going well last year before his back flared up on the first day of training camp at Lehigh.

He was asked the question that is brought up constantly when Andrews' name is discussed: Does he want to play football?

"Well, see, that’s the thing," Andrews said. "The depression thing and everybody’s like ‘that’s a bunch of bull.’ Everybody has their thing. I think a lot of people are upset, and I guess rightfully so, but everybody has high points and low points in life, and everybody makes mistakes. And it just so happens at an unfortunate time that I went through my debacle, and I’m over that now. I have a new-found love and respect for the game. I’ll say 110 percent if there’s such a thing. I really look forward to getting back to football."

Here are some other notes from the interview:

On his love for music: "You have to have something to fall back on, and whenever my football career is over, I’m going to go to recording school and I will be a Grammy producer so it’s just one of the things I've been blessed with."

On Donovan McNabb: "If you look at Donovan’s track record, he’s obviously one of the best, if not the best, quarterback in Eagles history. And the guy is a leader. And he has this personality that if you’re not around him, you won’t get that feel. But he leads by example, and I think he should be with the Eagles for as long as he wants to play, or he’s able to play."

On watching the Eagles' playoff loss to the Cowboys: "It was so frustrating to know that that’s my unit. That’s the guys that I have worked hard with over the past few years whenever I’m healthy and whenever I’m there. And then just to see those guys struggle alone, not so much alone, but just without me being out there. If they struggle, I want to struggle with them."