Shawn Andrews, others check in

According to the Eagles, all the veterans have reported to training camp.

And that includes Sheldon Brown.

This was my first time taking part in the exercise of waiting for veterans to report. Here's how it works:

You walk up a hill to where the players' dorms are located around 2:30 p.m. Every 20 minutes or so, you see a huge, dark-colored SUV, pickup truck or van pull up. As the player unpacks his stuff, you run over to hear what he has to say about the upcoming camp or what he did in the offseason. And then you wait around again. I'd say about 80 percent of the four hours or so were spent just waiting.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. Just trying to paint a picture for all the great MTC readers out there.

Earlier we wrote about what guys like Quintin Mikell, Hank Baskett and Chris Gocong had to say.

Here's a roundup of some comments from others who arrived later:

** The most entertaining interview today was probably Shawn Andrews. The Big Kid was sporting a cleaned-up mohawk and a Macbook Pro as he arrived in a white Range Rover.

** Andrews said he got the computer for his Rosetta Stone CDs.'s Danny Abelson, who is helping out at camp, heard Andrews say he's learning Hebrew and French, and that he traveled to Paris and the Middle East in the offseason.

** Andrews was in good spirits, saying he's looking forward to playing right tackle at camp, and playing alongside his brother. He said he's done everything in his power to get physically in shape and mentally right.

** Andrews was wearing black and white, checkered slip-on shoes. I only bring this up because friend and loyal MTC reader Bener wore the same footwear during a trip to Vegas back in February, and we made fun of him about 672 times over the course of a three-day weekend. If you're wondering, I chose to not take any jabs at Andrews about this.

** Shawn said he thinks his brother Stacy will be ready to participate in contact drills on Friday. Andy Reid recently talked about Nick Cole giving Stacy Andrews competition at guard. Shawn acknowledged that Cole's a good player, but said they brought his brother in for a reason. And per Shawn, it was not just to "tame his crazy brother."

And we agree.

** We also heard from DeSean Jackson, who said it would have definitely been beneficial for Jeremy Maclin to be here the past few days. He said the first four days are huge, but Maclin's situation is his situation, and Jackson hasn't talked to him about it.

** Jackson visited Donovan McNabb in Arizona, going through two-a-day workouts in the heat.

** When asked if he and Maclin are similar, Jackson said they're not. He pointed out they come from two different college offenses.

** While I was listening to Jackson, a monstrous, black conversion van pulled up quietly behind me and the group of reporters, and honked his horn. But it was not just a regular horn. It was a horn on steroids. I jumped like a 4-year-old frightened girl, but luckily all the TV cameras were focused on Jackson, so I don't think this was caught on tape. I believe the driver was Todd Herremans but have not been able to confirm as of yet.