Share your thoughts on Johnson

This afternoon, The Inquirer and Daily News reported that Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson is battling cancer.

I thought we could use the space here as a forum to share your thoughts and show your support for Johnson during this difficult time.

I’ll get things started.

During the last decade, it’s been impossible to watch an Eagles game without hearing the announcers talk about Johnson and his “exotic blitz schemes.”

Get pressure on the quarterback. Rattle him. Force him to make mistakes. Capitalize on turnovers. Those have been the qualities of a Johnson-coached defense.

Those have been the qualities that the Eagles’ fan base has embraced. And by doing so, fans have embraced Johnson. He tells it straight. He converses with the media. He explains the decisions he makes.

This city loves its defense. There’s no two ways around it. That’s how it’s been for as long as I can remember and that’s how it will continue to be.

On that note, it’s not really important at this time to speculate on Johnson’s future in coaching.

Instead, I’ll just say thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family during this tough time.

Please jump in and share your thoughts.