Halftime: Eagles 10, Steelers 10

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First quarter post

How they scored

Eagles 10, Steelers 10 -- (3:37) Steelers kicker Jeff Reed connected on a 20-yard field goal to tie the game at 10. Pittsburgh went 43 yards on nine plays for its second scoring drive of the night.

Eagles 10, Steelers 7 (13:00) --
Donovan McNabb hit fullback Jason Davis on a 3-yard touchdown to give the Eagles the lead. The Eagles went 65 yards on eight plays in 3:31.

Second quarter observations

15:00 -- McNabb connects with Kevin Curtis. No. 5 has been very impressive so far. And I guess Andy Reid wasn't lying. The starters really are going to play a quarter and a half. Gus Johnson says "nice YAC" after the Curtis reception. I wonder if Jeffrey Lurie is familiar with that statistic?

12:56 -- McNabb hits Jason Davis for a 3-yard touchdown pass to give the Eagles a 10-7 lead. I know it's only the preseason, but the Eagles' first-team offense put together an impressive pair of drives. This one went 65 yards on eight plays.

12:51 -- McNabb is smiling on the sidelines and for good reason. I never understood why people got mad at that.  He completed 10 of 13 passes for 97 yards and hit six different receivers.

11:12 -- A delay of game penalty  on Kevin Kolb's first  snap.

11:07 -- Nice play by DeSean Jackson. The rookie wide receiver caught a slant and then cut back outside for a gain of  10 yards.

10:30 -- A nice throw by Kolb  after he rolled out to his right, but the play is called back because of an illegal formation penalty. That's  four penalties for 30 yards for the Eagles. I could have sworn  it was more than that.

10:25 -- Westbrook is interviewed for the first time on TV after signing the new contract. He says signing the new deal makes him a better football player. Not sure I follow, but that's fine. I  like having a happy Westbrook.  He has grass stains on his jersey by the way, but he hasn't played a down. When asked about the dirty jersey, he says the linemen showered him with grass. Not sure what he means, but I hope it's legal.

8:47 -- We find out what Westbrook meant. The linemen dirtied up his jersey  before he got the TV interview.

5:59 --  Gus Johnson's laugh  is one of the greatest things I've ever  heard. Is there any way to get this as my cell phone ring?

4:08 -- J.R. Reed and Joselio Hanson stop Gary Russell at the line of scrimmage inside the Eagles' 10-yard line on third down.

3:34 -- Jeff Reed hits a 20-yard field goal to tie the game.

2:28 -- McNabb is interviewed by Dave Spadaro, and he makes fun of Spuds for stumbling over his words when he sends the action back to Gus Johnson.

0:51 -- A penalty on Rocky Boiman for throwing the ball at a Steelers defender. Too many penalties for the Birds.

0:00 -- Tied at 10 at halftime. Come back in the third quarter for more blogging. If I know who any of the players are, that is.