Second quarter: Eagles-Panthers

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How they scored

Panthers 10, Eagles 0 -- Carolina kicker John Kasay converted a 28-yard field-goal attempt with 7:04 left in the second quarter. The Panthers initially thought they had a touchdown to wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad, but Andy Reid challenged the play, and it was ruled incomplete.

Second quarter observations

15:00 -- OK, let's get caught up here. Play resumed around 9:30 after about a one-hour delay because of stormy weather. Carolina's Richard Marshall intercepted Sav Rocca on a fake field-goal attempt, and returned it 78 yards for a touchdown to give the Panthers a 7-0 lead near the end of the first quarter. More importantly, Andy Reid has sent the starters back on to the field after the delay, which I'm sure will be the topic of much discussion tomorrow morning.

12:44 -- Not sure how the refs missed this one. Guess it's the preseason for them also. Donovan McNabb just clearly passed the line of scrimmage before completing a pass to Lorenzo Booker for a first down. McNabb could have taken about one step forward and picked up a first down. The Panthers challenged the play, and it was overturned. The Eagles are forced to punt. This is the type of play that would drive fans crazy in the regular season. By the way, I still have no clue why McNabb is in the game. It's pouring at the Linc.

12:26 -- The fans booed the Eagles in the first quarter after the special teams mishap and Panthers touchdown. I wonder how Jimmy Rollins would feel about this.

9:47 -- The Panthers just had their most impressive offensive play of the night. Running back DeAngelo Williams just picked up 23 yards. Mike Patterson and Lito Sheppard both missed tackles on the run. Brian Dawkins caught up with Williams, but the Panthers RB picked up about 8 yards after Dawkins' initial contact.

7:08 -- Brian Dawkins drills Mushin Muhammad in the end zone. The play was originally ruled a touchdown, but replays show Muhammad couldn't hang on to the ball. The Eagles have challenged, and this one should be overruled.

7:04 -- The play is overruled, and John Kasay kicks a 28-yard field goal to give the Panthers a 10-0 lead.

6:58 -- Lorenzo Booker drops the kickoff. I believe that's three for him in two preseason games. Not good.

5:46 -- Sloppy series from the Eagles' offense. A couple penalties and a drop by DeSean Jackson.

3:14 -- I guess it's a bad sign when the most promising special teams play of the night results in a fumble. Jackson just had a nice 29-yard punt return before putting it on the carpet. Matt Schobel recovered 10 yards down the field though.

2:19 -- The nightmarish evening for special teams continues. David Akers just missed a 45-yard field goal. On the drive, McNabb was nearly picked off twice and was nailed on one play as he released the ball.

1:06 -- Lito Sheppard intercepts Jake Delhomme to give the offense the ball back. No word on what Lito's YPA is in first-half play.

0:51 -- Back-to-back drops from Kevin Curtis and Greg Lewis. That's five drops for the Eagles on the night, according to FOX's Joe Buck.

0:41 -- A positive special teams play. I'm speechless. The Eagles just downed a punt inside the Carolina 10-yard line.

0:00 -- The Eagles go into halftime down 10-0. Reid inexplicably used timeouts to extend the first half when the Panthers had the ball on their final possession. Even Troy Aikman sounded annoyed. A two-hour, 22-minute first half. Not exactly what any of us were looking forward to tonight. Check back in the third quarter.