Second quarter: Eagles-Rams

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First quarter observations

How they scored

Eagles 21, Rams 0 -- Donovan McNabb found Hank Baskett wide open for a 90-yard touchdown with 47 seconds left in the second quarter. The Eagles ran the ball on first and second down with 1:39 left in the first half, but then McNabb hit Baskett for a bomb to extend the Eagles' lead.

Eagles 14, Rams 0 --
Donovan McNabb connected with L.J. Smith for a 5-yard touchdown with 1:53 left in the first quarter. The Eagles went 82 yards on 11 plays in 5:28. Two possessions, two touchdowns for the offense.

Eagles 7, Rams 0 --
Donovan McNabb found Brian Westbrook from 1 yard out on a shovel pass to give the Eagles a 7-0 lead with 12:17 left. The big play on the Eagles' opening scoring drive was a 47-yard pass to rookie wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

Second quarter observations

15:00 -- Couldn't have asked for a better first quarter for the Birds. Donovan McNabb completed 10 of 12 passes for 113 yards and two touchdowns. Five different Eagles have catches. The special teams has been solid. And the defense has shut out the Rams.

14:56 -- McNabb's first bad pass of the game. He overthrows DeSean Jackson, who had a step and was headed for the end zone had the pass been completed.

13:30 -- Darren Howard is not fooled on a misdirection play by the Rams, dropping the Rams' ball-carrier for a loss of 4 yards. Two nice plays for Howard so far in the first half.

10:40 -- Tony Siragusa tells us that the Rams look extremely flat. I know it's still early, but maybe they just stink? They haven't shown any life here in the first half.

10:40 -- By the way, today's commercials have featured Bill Gates, Jerry Seinfeld and Snoop Dogg. Three men whose names have probably never before been mentioned in the same sentence.

10:20 -- Another big play for the Eagles' offense. McNabb hits Greg Lewis for a 52-yard gain. Note to self: Always start fantasy quarterbacks and wide receivers playing against the Rams this season. By my unofficial count, the Eagles already have three pass plays of over 30 yards, and we're not even halfway through the second quarter. By the way, six different players now have catches for the Birds.

8:20 -- The Eagles are forced to punt for the first time today. Great play by Quintin Demps to down the Sav Rocca punt at the 2-yard line. Good to see the Eagles' rookies contributing in such a positive way in the first game.

6:17 -- Trent Cole drops Steven Jackson at the line of scrimmage on third-and-short. The Rams have to punt yet again.

4:31 -- The Eagles have to punt for a second straight time. L.J. Smith dropped a pass on second down that would have given the Eagles a first down. On third down, McNabb's pass for Greg Lewis was way off. However, Andy Reid was gesturing to Lewis on the sidelines, so it's very possible the wide receiver made a mistake on the play.

4:18 -- Quintin Demps again. This time, he downs the Rocca punt inside the 5-yard line.

3:39 -- Quintin Mikell is called for a 26-yard pass interference penalty. Ridiculously late call though. Mikell saw the incompletion, looked around and saw no flag, pumped his fist, and then the flag came in. Very suspect call.

3:32 -- Sheldon Brown literally knocks Steven Jackson's helmet off on a catch in the middle of the field. Wow. Nice job by Jackson to hold on and get back up though.

2:57 -- Mikell blitzes and forces a Marc Bulger fumble, but the Rams quarterback recovers.

1:52 -- Bulger throws into an area with three Eagles defenders. Brian Dawkins comes up with the team's third near-interception of the game.

0:47 -- A bizarre sequence that ended in another Eagles touchdown: The Birds' offense took over with 1:39 left in the half. After two run plays, McNabb found Hank Baskett for a 90-yard bomb to extend the Eagles' lead to 21-0.

0:32 -- Do we really need to see footage from last year's loss to the Packers in Week 1? I say no.

0:00 -- The Eagles go into halftime with a 21-0 lead. Be back shortly with more from the second half.