Sapp gives McNabb rulebook

I'm usually an NFL Network fan, but a segment on this morning's pre-game show was truly difficult to sit through.

Warren Sapp threw on a Santa hat and beame "Sapp O'Claus," handing out gifts to various people around the NFL. Sapp's first gift was for Donovan McNabb. He built up the suspense, saying he had something for McNabb, who needed a little refresher on the rules. A woman in a Santa's helper outfit handed Sapp a gift bag, but whoever was in charge of actually putting the gifts in the bag, screwed up. The bag was empty. After a quick search, Sapp found the gift -- a rulebook, obviously mocking McNabb for not knowing there were ties.

Meanwhile, Marshall Faulk took the whole fake laughing thing to another level, while the host noted that this was truly a terrible segment. I would have to agree.

Sapp's other gifts were a Get out of Jail free card for Pacman Jones; a nerd to hang out with for Antonio Pierce; oversized spectacles for the referees; and a gun holster for Plaxico Burress.

Anyway, I'll try to provide some updates on the 1 o'clock Chargers-Bucs game. And I'll be back at 3:45 to host the Eagles-Redskins game chat.