Saddened by tragic death of Cunningham's son

Randall Cunningham holds his son, Christian, during halftime of an Eagles game last season. Former Eagle Al Wistert on the left. ( David Maialetti / Staff Photographer)

Every day when I walk to the subway stop around 6:45 a.m., I check my Blackberry for e-mails I received overnight.

Today, I was saddened by the one from reader Dave in Boulder City, Nev. informing me of the tragic news that Randall Cunningham's 2-year-old son, Christian, had drowned in the hot tub at the family's home.

Don't know what to say at this time other than that thoughts and prayers are with Cunningham and his family.

Dave e-mailed a little note about Cunningham, which seems appropriate to share:

I got to know Randall and Felicity. He owned a recording studio where my daughter took guitar lessons. The other side of the studio was his first attempt at a church. I've been to their house and they are extremely gracious. Since then he has become an ordained minister and built his own church. Randall owns a lot of real estate out here. I remember when he first got out of football, he did some tile and marble work for a buddy of mine and did great work. Just another blue collar guy like the rest of us. Bad things happen to good people. So sad.

Last month, I linked to a story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal about Cunningham and the Remnant Ministries in Henderson, Nev.

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