Rumor: Eagles shopping Shawn Andrews?

A league source tells Mike Florio of that the Eagles are shopping Shawn Andrews.

The source says the Eagles have contacted at least one team about moving him.

Interesting rumor considering the Eagles signed Andrews' brother, Stacy, and traded for his former college roommate, Jason Peters.

However, on Monday, Les Bowen over at Eagletarian wrote that Andrews might be unhappy with the $35.5 million deal he signed in 2006 that locked him up for 10 years.

Andrews' agent, Rich Moran, texted Bowen that the Eagles' guard would "be at work," but he didn't respond to a text that asked how Andrews felt about his deal.

Stay tuned to for more on this as the day progresses.

And thanks to reader Brian for passing along the link.

Update: New posts from Birds' Eye View and Eagletarian on the matter.