Revisiting the Eagles' best offseason move

Just got back from D.C. to see 90 comments and several e-mails about Saturday's post that focused on the Eagles' best offseason move.

There appeared to be three moves that MTC readers thought warranted consideration:

1. The trade for LB Ernie Sims

As I said when they traded for him, I have seen very little of Sims during his four seasons with the Lions. But many of you seem to like what you've seen, read or heard about the Eagles' new linebacker. As I've mentioned before, I thought Akeem Jordan was very good at the WILL linebacker position early last season before he got injured. I'll have to get a good look at Sims before agreeing that dealing for him was the Birds' best offseason move. But since I'm projecting Brandon Graham and Nate Allen, it's fair for you to disagree and project Sims.

2. Shaking up the coaching staff

This was an interesting one. I'm not sure anything could better illustrate what an unusual offseason it's been than many of you nominating the additions of secondary coach Dick Jauron and special teams coach Bobby April as the best offseason moves. Don't get me wrong. I like those additions too. April has a great reputation, and I don't think it ever hurts to add an assistant like Jauron with head coaching experience. But given the dramatic roster turnover, I couldn't go with this one. If Jauron's able to get this secondary to overachieve, and if April's special teams unit is responsible for a couple wins, I'll admit I'm wrong.

3. Handing the keys over to Kolb

Thought I explained this one the first time around. While I thought the Eagles made the right move in beginning the Kevin Kolb era, they did not receive overwhelming compensation for Donovan McNabb. That's why I did not choose this one. And although I'm comfortable with banking on Kolb's potential, he's a relative unknown with just two starts under his belt. It's impossible to argue otherwise.

By the way, having spent the weekend in D.C., I got plenty of questions about McNabb, and I think they led to some moments of clarity. I'll share more on Monday.

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