McNabb, Raiders update

A couple links that caught my eye this afternoon.

Len Pasquarelli of reports that the Raiders are willing to send cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha to the Eagles as part of a deal for McNabb, but that the Birds are reluctant.

Per Schefter, the problem with Asomugha is that he has one more year on his contract for $16M.

Asaomugha has made the Pro Bowl in each of the last two seasons. He will turn 29 in July.

Which bring us to another report - this one from Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports. Robinson reports that the Raiders are in front right now in the McNabb race. We pointed to a Jason La Canfora report yesterday on that said the same thing.

But here's the big piece of information from Robinson. He reports that the Raiders would not require McNabb to sign a contract extension if they traded for him. If true, this would change everything because McNabb would not have a say in the deal. It's not like he has a no-trade clause. The reason he would have a say is because it was assumed any team that traded for him would demand a contract extension.

In other words, no team would offer up draft picks to rent a QB for a year. But if a team is not giving up draft picks and is giving up a player (especially one on the final year of his contract), then maybe such a trade would be feasible.

Update: Per ESPN's Adam Schefter, Donovan McNabb spoke with Andy Reid Thursday and told him his preference is to stay in Philadelphia this season, not Oakland or Buffalo.

Update 2: The Daily News' Les Bowen caught up with McNabb's agent, Fletcher Smith, who said he has not discussed which teams he'd prefer to be traded to with the Eagles.

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