Report: Steroids dealer said he supplied Vick

Michael Vick leaves the Eagles' locker room earlier this month. (Sarah J. Glover / Staff Photographer)

Dealer David Jacobs told the Dallas Morning-News in 2008 that he supplied Michael Vick with steroids when he played for the Atlanta Falcons.

The obvious question is: Why are we hearing about this now, two years later?

Per today's report, the News did not publish Jacobs' comments initially because authorities would not confirm that Vick was part of the Jacobs investigation.

Jacobs is no longer alive. Authorities say he killed himself and his girlfriend in June 2008.

The paper decided to publish the report now because of a document released earlier this month, which showed federal investigators questioned Vick about steroids back in October of 2007.

Per the document, a DEA informant told authorities Vick told a steroids/human growth hormone dealer that he liked his product during a 2006 Christmas party. During the Oct. 2007 Vick investigation, he said the conversation never happened and that he had never used steroids/human growth hormone.

Details of the alleged 2006 conversation matched what Jacobs told the News. Jacobs told the paper that he attended the 2006 Christmas party in question.

You can click on the link for more background on Jacobs and the steroid investigations.

Championship Game Picks

SAINTS (-3.5) vs. Vikings
JETS (+8) at Colts

I like a Saints-Colts Super Bowl, but I think the number in the AFC championship is too high.

Minnesota's defensive line impressed me last week against Dallas, but New Orleans is so savvy offensively, creating mismatches and finding ways to keep pressure off Drew Brees, that I think the Saints will be able to score.

We'll have plenty of observations Sunday after each game so be sure to check back.