Report: 'Skins offered Eagles Haynesworth

A lot to get to, but I wanted to get this post up quickly.

Adam Caplan of just unloaded an interesting nugget during a TV appearance on CSN.

Per Caplan, the Redskins offered defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth to the Eagles as part of the Donovan McNabb deal, but the Birds didn't want him.

"The Redskins actually offered - I'm told by two league sources - Albert Haynesworth, the oustanding defensive tackle, but Albert Haynesworth has an enormous contract," Caplan said, adding that Haynesworth was a pain to the Redskins' previous coaching staff.

Haynesworth, who will turn 29 in June, signed a $100M contract last offseason with the Redskins, which included $41M in guaranteed money. He received - get this - a $21M roster bonus on April 1. His 2010 and 2011 salaries of $3.6M and $5.4M are guaranteed, according to contract details.

The Eagles have two good defensive tackles in Mike Patterson and Brodrick Bunkley, but neither guy was on the field on third downs last season, and neither has shown the ability to pressure the quarterback up the middle.

Haynesworth had a disappointing debut season with the Redskins, but the thought of him teaming up with Trent Cole deserves at least a moment of thought amid all the other things that are being discussed this evening.

Much more to come.

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