Report: Eagles looking to trade Baskett

Jeff Garcia played eight games for the Eagles in 2006. (Steven M. Falk/Staff file photo)

And so it continues.

ESPN's Sal Paolantonio is reporting that the Eagles are looking to deal Hank Baskett to clear up a roster spot for Jeff Garcia.

The Eagles carried seven wide receivers to start the season, but they only dressed five against the Panthers. Reggie Brown and rookie Brandon Gibson were both inactive.

Baskett played, but was not on the field a lot, catching one ball for 6 yards.

Last year, he caught 33 balls for 440 yards and three touchdowns. He's been with the Eagles since 2006.

From earlier:

I didn't know where to begin with the Jeff Garcia news. It raises several questions so I'm just going to list them.

But first, Andy Reid confirmed and explained the move during his radio show on WIP:

"It's a unique situation because Michael is suspended for a week and Donovan's banged up so we don't know how long Donovan's gonna be and at the same time, we need a second quarterback in there if needed for this weekend," Reid said.

Now the questions:

1. What does this say about the team's confidence in Kevin Kolb? To me, that is the biggest question here. All we've heard from the Eagles is that they like Kolb. It was almost as if they were anxious to see him perform in a situation like the one they are currently in. But now, it's tough to believe that. Does Sunday amount to a tryout? If Kolb plays poorly and Donovan McNabb can't go in Week 3, does Garcia get a chance? If Kolb starts Sunday and underperforms in the first half, do they turn to Garcia?

2. Why would Garcia want to come here for just a couple weeks? In the original post, I explained that A.J. Feeley choosing the Panthers made sense. He joins a team with a shaky QB situation instead of the Eagles, where he likely would be cut once Michael Vick was reinstated and McNabb got healthy. But shouldn't the same hold true for Garcia? Or have the Eagles explained to him that there's a chance he could hang on all season? Which, of course, would mean the end of Kolb's time here.

3. Who do the Eagles release? The team has officially annouced the Garcia deal, which means they have to make a roster move. Do they cut one of the guys along the defensive line? Do they part ways with one of their seven receivers? Someone else? Remember, as of last weekend, this year's contracts are guaranteed. In other words, they still have to pay and take the cap hit for whoever they let loose.

4. If the Eagles kept Garcia, Vick and McNabb, would they become the first team in history to have three former Pro Bowl QBs on the same roster?

5. What happens when McNabb gets healthy? Some were already worried that the fans would be calling for Vick. But now adding Garcia to the mix takes it to a different level. Fans loved him during that 2006 season.

6. Am I reading too much into this? Maybe it's just a matter of the Eagles needing a backup QB for a couple weeks, looking over the options and picking the player that was the best fit. If Garcia backs up Kolb for a couple weeks and then is released, we'll know that's all it was. Hard to take this one for face value though.

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