Bears land Cutler

The Chicago Bears have landed Jay Cutler.

Jay Glazer of reports that Chicago gave up two first-round picks, a third-round pick and Kyle Orton for Cutler and a fifth-round pick.

The Redskins, Bucs, Jets and Lions were also believed to be interested, according to various reports.

Judging by earlier comments, I'm guessing most of the MTC audience thinks the Broncos made out on the deal. And there's no denying that they did well. They'll have four first-round picks in the next two seasons.

But put yourself in the shoes of a Bears fan. Every year, you think you have pieces in place, but quarterback is always a question mark. Now you potentially have an answer there for the next 8-to-10 years. I'd be excited if I were in Chicago's camp.

If you're a Broncos fan, the immediate future looks dim with Orton and Chris Simms possibly battling it out for the starting quarterback job. But Denver could always draft a QB in a few weeks, and it's hard to imagine the Broncos finding a better deal than the one they got.

However, you're probably left wondering how things soured so quickly. On Dec. 13, 2008, the Broncos were 8-5, looking like a sure bet to win the AFC West. They had stability with their head coach and a bright future at quarterback.

Then there were the three straight losses and no postseason appearance. Mike Shanahan was fired. Josh McDaniels was hired. The miscommunication with Cutler. The attempted trade for Matt Cassel.

And so here we are, less than four months later.


If you ask me, this is good news for Eagles fans. I know many of you labeled Cutler a whiner and a baby, but there's no question he's a talent with a high ceiling. I'm happy that the Birds won't have to face him in a Redskins uniform twice a year.

So what do you think? Are you happy if you're a Broncos fan? Are you happy if you're a Bears fan? Who got the better of the deal?

I'll add more details on the deal as they become available.