Report: Reid wanted power, considered Manning

Andy Reid wanted more control over personnel matters this offseason, according to a report. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Jeffrey Lurie called a press conference after the 2011 season to announce that Andy Reid would be returning as the Eagles' head coach.

But, according to a report, Reid was ready to walk away if the organization didn't make some changes.

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times dropped a couple of bombs in his column today, including this one:

Two NFL insiders, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the topic, said that Philadelphia Coach Andy Reid was ready to walk away from the Eagles if he didn't get more personnel control, and now he has it.

The Eagles have maintained all along that Reid has final say on personnel matters, but perhaps that has not been the case. There were reports earlier this offseason that the Birds' front office was split on whether to extend DeSean Jackson's contract. Well, Jackson got his new deal, and assuming this report is true, he may very well have Reid to thank for that.

The Eagles also took care of respected veterans Todd Herremans and Trent Cole.

One other juicy nugget from Farmer:

Something else about the Eagles: Reid wanted to jump in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, despite the signing of Michael Vick to a six-year, $100-million contract last season. Talks never got too serious, the insiders say, because Manning didn't like the idea of playing against his brother Eli, quarterback of the New York Giants, at least twice a season.


So far this offseason, the Eagles have been connected to both Robert Griffin III and now Manning. If we weren't sure before, we can say it with certainty now: Never count Reid out when a quarterback is available.

The report also pokes some holes in the theory that Reid will be fired if he doesn't take the Eagles far in 2012. Per the article, it seems he felt confident enough to make some demands this offseason. The truth is, if Reid were to hit the open market, he would have no trouble finding another head-coaching job. It looks like he realizes that, and wants to make sure he's got the players he wants on the roster.

At around 11:30 Friday morning, Reid released the following statement:

"We look into everything, as all teams do. And I have the highest regard for Peyton Manning. But as I said publicly last month, that wasn’t the direction we were heading in. Michael is our guy."

"As far as the personnel control, I have had final say on personnel matters for quite some time here and that’s never been an issue or a point of contention."

"Our front office works very well together and that’s one of our strengths."

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