Reid's record; Eagles 3-pt. favorites

If you've been paying any attention at all to this week's matchup with the Colts, you've heard this stat: Andy Reid is 11-0 after the bye in the regular season since becoming the Eagles' head coach.

Which got me wondering what kind of teams the Birds have beaten in those games. It's an impressive stat, regardless. And 11 games seems like enough data to label it as more than a coincidence.

But here's the list of teams the Eagles have beaten after the bye, along with the opponent's record at the time:

Year Team Record
1999 Rams 13-2
2000 Bengals 4-11
2001 Giants 3-2
2002 Bucs 5-1
2003 Bills 2-1
2004 Panthers 1-3
2005 Chargers 3-3
2006 Redskins 3-5
2007 Jets 1-4
2008 Falcons 4-2
2009 Bucs 0-4
TOTAL   39-38

As you can see, the combined record of the Eagles' opponents when they face the Birds is 39-38 (.506). Of the 11 teams they've faced, five were above .500 at the time. The Bucs are the only team the Eagles have faced more than once.

The numbers are slightly deceiving, though. The first win came against a 13-2 Rams team that had already locked up the top seed in the NFC. Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk did not play the whole game. If you take away 1999, the total record of Eagles opponents in the past 10 years is 26-36 (.419). Not great, but again, still impressive that Reid's teams have won every year after the week off.

In the postseason Reid is 3-1 with an extra week to prepare. The Eagles beat the Vikings in the divisional round in '04; the Packers in the divisional round in '03; and the Falcons in the divisional round in '02. The Birds, of course, lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl when both teams had the extra week.


Peyton Manning is 3-0 in three career starts against the Eagles. He's completed 69.6 percent of his passes in those games and thrown seven touchdowns compared to one interception. Those numbers add up to a QB rating of 132.3, Manning's highest rating against any opponent.

So it comes as a bit of a surprise that Vegas has the Eagles as 3-point favorites. According to, 92 percent of the action is on the Colts to cover. That's the highest percentage on one side for any Week 9 game, according to the Web site.


Much of the talk in the past couple days has been about Ellis Hobbs and him playing with a hip injury against the Titans. Some are making the argument that Hobbs had played pretty well up until that game. I would say he's been better than expected, but still up-and-down.

Credit Hobbs for good games against the 49ers, Redskins and Lions.

Not counting the Titans game, he's still been beat for some big plays the other three weeks.

Against Atlanta, he was beat by Michael Jenkins for a 42-yard gain and also by Tony Gonzalez for a touchdown.

Against Jacksonville, he was whistled for a 38-yard pass interference penalty and also gave up a 23-yard grab to Mike Sims-Walker.

And against Green Bay, Greg Jennings got by him for a 32-yard score.

No one's expecting him to be perfect, but rest assured that even when Hobbs returns and is healthy, opposing quarterbacks are going to target him, especially considering how well Asante Samuel is playing.