Reid reiterates he thinks fans support Vick

When Andy Reid talked about the Michael Vick addition over the weekend, he said he believed the "majority" of fans would support the move.

Nationally, many have pointed to our unscientific online poll, which asks simply: Are you for or against the Eagles signing Michael Vick?

As of this writing, 51 percent against and 49 percent are for.

A pretty astounding division.

Today, SI's Peter King led his Monday Morning Quarterback column with Vick. King informally asked his followers on Twitter whether the Eagles made the right decision. 674 people responded, and 72.7 percent said yes, the Birds did do the right thing. King told Reid of the numbers, and the Eagles' coach was not surprised.

"That doesn't really surprise me," Reid told King. "Most people want to see other people do good. I think it's probably the same percentage here in Philadelphia."

We would have to politely disagree with Reid. Based on everything I've seen, there seems to be a much closer division than 73 percent for Vick and 27 percent against him. Of course, there's probably no reason for Reid to acknowledge that at this time.

Meanwhile, King led the column trying to explain how the Vick conversation started. Bob Brookover of the Inquirer did a good job of detailing this process in Sunday's story.

According to King, it started with a text from Donovan McNabb to Reid, saying: Sign him. Reid responded: You're killing me.

King argues against the notion that McNabb really does not support the Vick move and sees it as a threat. It seems his conversation with Reid changed his mind, because last week King wrote that McNabb doesn't really trust Reid and would probably be wondering if the coach was trying to replace him.

Much more later, including the negatives from Thursday night's preseason game, a look at Vick's performance in the red zone and other tidbits.

Last night, I offered a take on Vick's 60 Minutes interview, in which he admitted to being "lazy" with the Falcons.