Reid: We inquired about Boldin

Eagles coach Andy Reid said the team looked into the possibility of adding Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin, but he wouldn't offer any more details than that during an interview on ESPN this afternoon.

"We inquired, but that's as far as we went," he said.

When asked a follow-up question about if that meant the asking price was too high, Reid responded, "We inquired."

He touched on a few other topics:

** When asked about Donovan McNabb's contract situation, Reid avoided the question, telling ESPN's Tre Wingo he was asking all the tough questions, and that Jaws was there to answer those.

** When asked about fifth-round pick Cornelius Ingram, Reid said he thinks the Florida tight end should be ready for minicamp, but that the team would take it easy on him.

** When asked about the team's first two draft picks, Reid said, "It gives Donovan a few more weapons, so called weapons there."